The Little House – 2002-2011 – 1068 Square Feet

This world has a way of conditioning you to think that you need more and you need bigger, but do you really?   When we first got married we rented for a year because it was the right thing to do.  Let’s get settled into our marriage, our jobs and decide after that where we want to live that makes sense for our jobs and for our future when having kids.   As soon as it was humanly possible to get out of that lease we were on the hunt to find our first home.   Hey why not, we were married, we had our first baby on the way and we needed that permanent place to settle down.

Fast forward a few years and a few kids later and we are busting at the seams in what seemed to be plenty of the room at the time, so what do we do like most Americans?   It’s time to trade in that first home for the second much larger home and here is how we justified it!   Over a period of 10 years in that first home, we grew out of it into not 1 but 2 10 x 10 storage units where we housed a bunch of our “stuff” that we clearly didn’t need.   This was costing us approximately $70 per month for each storage unit, so ultimately $140 a month to store stuff that we could not physically fit into our first tiny home.   200 square feet of space stacked floor to ceiling sat our stuff, covered in dust.[Read More…]