I love freebies no matter how big or small they may be.    It’s that moment in time where you prove to all those people that told you that nothing in this world is free.

As a matter of fact,  I was just in Starbucks today and they were giving away free Christmas chocolates.   There was a big box of them that said take 1 or 3.   I’m a sucker for chocolate, so I chose the second option and grabbed three of them.

Anyways, let’s get back to your freebies!  A lot of these freebies are related to celebrating your birthday.   There are plenty of companies that are willing to step up and truly honor your birth into this world in style.   Whether that be a free coffee or a free piece of cake, these companies will deliver if they know it’s your birthday.

In order to be on the birthday freebie list, you will need to be prepared to be on their mailing list, but I look at that as a small sacrifice to be showered with all these freebies.[Read More…]