So I have been taking advantage of this for years now and yet there are plenty of people that I talk to who know nothing about this little secret.   If you are paying full price for your mobile phone bill with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or any of the major providers then go down to your local store and stop this insanity now.

We don’t work for ultra cool companies or anything, but they are big enough to be able to be recognized by these mobile phone providers and cool enough companies and you can get a discount for working for a semi cool/not so cool company.   ha!   Anyways, we are able to get a 22% discount off of our mobile phone bill because we are able to prove that we work for a specific company.   If you don’t get this, you must check into this with your company and see if they offer this.  You can check with your company, call the mobile phone providers customer line or just go down to the corporate owned mobile phone store and ask if you can get this discount.[Read More…]