I wanted to write this article because I am fascinated by the idea of couch surfing.   The idea that you can travel for free, meet cool people along the way and have a warm place to sleep at night for no charge.   What is this you Drew?   Yes it’s true.   Couch Surfing is a web site where you can sign up, create a profile and seek out people in destinations through out the world that are willing to let you sleep in their home for a night while you are passing through town for free.   They get a chance to meet someone new from another part of the world and you get a free nights sleep in a warm home.
So what are the 5 rules that you need to keep in mind if you give this a run.

1. Safety is the first and foremost important rule

Bottom line, there are a lot of crazy people out in this world.   Make sure you inspect the people you will be staying with.  Ensure that each person at least has some feedback on their profile and that there is NO negative feedback.   There are times when some surfers can be rude, so keep that in mind but for the most part their profiles should be gleaming references of themselves.  If the person has 30 positive reviews and 1 negative for having the home too cold, then you can let that slide.[Read More…]