Back in the day, you just called your travel agent and that’s how you booked your trip.    The internet wasn’t a thing.   Now, you have 3 million different options to book travel and that leads a lot of people not knowing where to turn.   Do I book direct with the airline or do I use one of the numerous travel sites out there?   What time of day do I book or what day is best?     Should I wait to the last minute or should I book early?

All these questions lead many people to pay more for their flights that they really need to and this is how airlines make money on you.

Having worked in the corporate office of a global company, I saw the booking process on a daily basis as they were shipping people around to every corner of the planet.   In this experience I picked up a few secrets that the airlines are not going to ever tell you.

Here are my secrets that I have learned along the way.[Read More…]