The worst thing that you can do in personal finance is to restrict yourself to such an extent that you life is not fun any more.   You have to celebrate your successes, even if they are not spending loads of money to do so.   You have worked hard to balance the budget and stay frugal, but as you reach goals it’s certainly not a bad thing to go out and treat yourself as well.

You don’t have to break the budget doing so and here is how.

Here are 10 ways to treat yourself without breaking the bank and going broke.

1. Have a movie night and pop yourself some popcorn at home

You already pay the $7.99 a month for a subscription to Netflix.   Take a pause from life and budgeting and go pop yourself some microwaveable popcorn and curl up and watch a movie for the night.   It’s time to set aside all those priorities in life because you have worked hard this week to just enjoy yourself.[Read More…]