Let’s face it, Pinterest is an awesome platform for reaching a large audience all over the world.   In fact, 2017 broke new records with 175 Million people engaging on Pinterest EVERY SINGLE MONTH!   These people want your quality content and pins, you just have to give it to them!

In my first full month of being on Pinterest, I increased by engagement by 15,205% with tens of thousands of people seeing my pins I put online.   Wow, what a powerful platform that you have at your finger tips and it’s all free!

I created my Pinterest account at the end of February and by the end of March over 100,000 people had seen my pins.   This is just what I was able to do in the first 30 days, just wait until I continue to refine what I am doing and really take this to the next level!

This screen shot below is taken from Pinterest Analytics.     I have thousands of people coming in from New York, Los Angels, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta and more…[Read More…]

I made the decision to start my own blog because I was inspired by a particular blogger who had built their own blog over the years and now travels full time as a blogger.  They had blogged their way out of a job and into their own business as a blogger that is able to completely support them as a family and more financially.

At a very simple level, this sounded really appealing to me.   In addition, there were some other reasons that I had an interest in blogging:

  • Writing for me is relaxing and enjoyable
  • I love the idea of meeting like minded people from around the world through this medium
  • The topic area that I chose for my blog I have a deep passion and interest in (Personal Finance, Travel, Budgeting, Saving Money, Investing and more)
  • Goal Setting
  • Satisfaction of Achievement
  • Learning New Technology & Techniques
  • Extra Financial Income

So off I went into the blogosphere (Which is really a thing – Look it up) and kick started my own blog

Can I make money with my own blog?  

Absolutely!  You can make as little and as much as you want!   You just have to put in the effort and it will come.   Here are a few bloggers who started small and are now making a fortune:

  • John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur on Fire) $595,936 in a month!
  • Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) $176,649.93 in a month!
  • Pinch of Yum $95,197.34 in a month!

Most people don’t make those figures in a year and these people are making that in a month.

So I share with you the simply steps to get yourself into your very own blog.  Just like these people did.   Here are the steps.   Be sure to follow them closely.
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