In our family, big ticket items are very carefully planned for.  We are not a on a whim kind of family where we just go off a buy something large at random times.   No, it’s well thought out when we are buying something and with what money are we buying it with.    We ask these 10 questions each time before diving into that new big TV purchase or new appliances or a newer car or anything else over $500.

You have to take care when spending your money to make sure that it’s right for you and at this moment in time.

Here are my 10 questions that I ask myself every time

1. Do I really need it?

This is always a well debated question in the house.   The car is on the fritz again, should we consider just getting a newer car instead of fixing this car again.    The refrigerator is not cooling like it should.   Should we get a repair man out here or should we just go get a new refrigerator.

These big ticket items need to have purpose and you must determine for yourself that you absolutely need them or if there is a better alternative.

You have to really dig deep and understand what you are trying to solve.   If there isn’t a legitimate reason why you absolutely need it, then consider not buying it.[Read More…]