So I have learned about the Ibotta phone app recently and to my surprise it’s pretty cool,  so I thought I would review the app here so that you guys can take full advantage of it just like I am.   First all of, what’s with the name of the app.   It seems a little off the wall right?  Well if you pronounce the name of the app out, it sounds much like “I bought a ….” and you fill in the blank.

It’s an app that you can use to get cash back on purchases that you are already making in every day stores like your local grocery store of even Walmart.   I actually couldn’t believe it when I first heard of it.   I thought maybe you get this at some off the wall place, but no we are talking Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Chili’s, Dollar General, Sam’s Club and the list goes on and on.   It’s dubbed as one of the most widely used shopping application available today.[Read More…]