When we get into the regular income routine, the bills get paid, the groceries get bought and the savings account get its share, there isn’t always much left and that can get old pretty fast.   Am I right?  Well you have options here and you might not even realize that you can still make a little extra income on the side.  Here’s how you can do it.

Share your knowledge and help others

There are zillions or people and companies out there looking for help.   Whether they are looking for a virtual assistant or someone to help them with their web site, there are web sites out there that can help you connect with people who need help that are willing to pay you to do the work.   For example. Second Shift is a company that you can sign up to and create a profile.   They then attempt to connect you with companies looking to hire people on the side based on your skillset.   If you get matched up with the company, you agree to what they are looking to do and then go do the work and get paid!   It’s free to sign up so might as well give it a run.

HourlyNerd is another web site that connects you up with a potential of 25,000 business experts who are looking for help on a hourly basis.   Everyone has some type of knowledge that they can leverage.   It could be writing, it could be answering phones, it could be helping to build a web site, on and on.[Read More…]

I will go way out of my way for a deal, whether that be online or in store.  I have used coupons, waiting for items to go on sales and used credit cards with just the right points, but in comes Ebates which is a way to earn FREE money just for buying what you were already going to buy anyways.   Here is my Ebates Review for all of you.

Today, I wanted to go over how you can save money on numerous every day purchases that you already make.   I’ve already received quite a bit of money from Ebates for some of the purchases that I had to make anyways, so why not get some cash back and save while I am doing it.

Here is the bottom line, Ebates gives you Free Money for shopping.  I’m not kidding!  Ebates is the best cash back web site out there right now.   When you sign up to Ebates through our web site, Ebates will give you $10 right out of the gate when you spend your first $25.

So let’s get started…[Read More…]