Do you love to shop?    Well here are 8 awesome apps that you need to know about before you head out to do some shopping, whether it be online shopping or in store shopping.    All 8 of the apps are completely free and in fact these companies will pay you!   Awesome right?

Let me tell you about them:


This is a fun little app where they focus mostly on providing you surveys to complete and in exchange you earn what they call “Swagbucks”.    The surveys are generally not a drag to take and they usually don’t take long.   The great thing about this site is that they tell you how long the survey will take and what you will earn ahead of time.

For example, you could be presented with a 6 minute survey where you could earn 50 Swagbucks.   When you reach a certain threshold of Swagbucks, you can then begin to turn them in for gift cards of your choice.    This is perfect to kill time when you are waiting in line somewhere, or at the doctor’s office or when you lay down to go to bed.   Fire up the app and take a survey and earn some Swagbucks![Read More…]

Learn how you could make $700 – $1000 a month just by verifying search engine search results…

Let me explain…

Google, Yahoo and Bing use complex logic and algorithms to parse through the billions of web pages that are on the internet (In Google terms, that’s around 47 billion web pages to be exact).   This is one big job for anyone to do and make sure every single search is as accurate as it can be.   This is where you come in.

Computers do a great job most of the time, but they don’t always get it right.    They are filled with errors.   Search engine companies need real humans to take a look at how they are doing on a regular basis in order to ensure that they are returning the highest quality, most relevant and useful links as they possibly can.   There are billions of dollars at stake here is they get it right and hold their lead in the search engine race.[Read More…]

Many times you will hear in life that money is not everything.  Well I am hear to tell you that money is still very important to your freedom in this life.   You can either let money control you or you can have it support you and help set you into financial freedom.

I started this post because I felt there are so many people in this world who feel they don’t have opportunity at their finger tips, that they don’t have options to earn extra money, that they are just stuck.   Well this blog post will prove even the biggest cynic wrong.

There are vast number of opportunities out there to earn extra money, you just have to go look and find them.   In fact, you don’t even need to go find them, I have explained them in detail to you in this post.

If you decide to take one of these ideas up you can achieve the following:

  • Work towards retiring early in life
  • Take that next big dream vacation that you thought was out of reach
  • Buy a house for the first time or add on to your exisiting house
  • Pay down your debt and get debt free (There is nothing worst than being in debt)
  • Live a less stressful life because you owe nothing to no one

There is a ton of information listed on this screen so you may consider pinning it on your Pinterest board or saving it as a bookmark to refer to later on.[Read More…]

Mystery Shopping is a fun way to get paid or even get things for free just by giving your opinion of the service that you have received.

I have received free oil changes, free meals when going out to restaurants and checks in the mail just for my time.

Here is how it works…   Have you ever seen the show Undercover Boss?   If you haven’t it’s a show where one of the executives of the company changes their image and goes undercover into one of their stores or restaurants to see what REALLY goes on when no one is looking.

They act like they are just an average worker and they observe what is going on within the store or restaurant.   This is when things get interesting because it’s then when the employees usually let their guard down and you get to see how the regular customers are treated.

Mystery shopping is the same thing.   You are hired by the company to go undercover to see what really happens in the establishment.   Are the bathrooms clean?    Is the wait staff friendly and prompt?   Did the staff offer you the special or not?[Read More…]

If you have some time to spare and you like giving your opinion on topics, then taking surveys for money might be something to consider to earn some extra money.   There are a number of sites out there that you can sign up to and they will contact you when they have a survey that might make sense for you.

Sometimes they let a lot of people in to take the surveys and other times they are looking for someone with a very specific situation.   About a month ago, I was contacted for a research project where I participated with a group of 24 participants where we cataloged our work life by answering questions and taking pictures of our work environment.

It was kind of a neat project because you also got to see what other people’s thoughts were and what their work environment was like.   They paid me a check one week later for $500.   The study probably took me 5 hours total to complete over a period of a couple weeks, so it wasn’t 5 minutes but certainly well worth it none the less.[Read More…]

There are many ways you can make money, but this way is by using things that you already have at your disposal and just letting others rent them from you.   You just need to think creatively.

If you need money to pay off bills, take that vacation that you have been wanting to take for awhile or just save up some more money for the future, renting things is an option that you explore.

Some of these options to rent things is not for everyone, but it just shows you how you can get creative if you are determined to make some extra cash on the side.

Here is my list of 7 ways to make some extra money on the side by renting things:[Read More…]

I made the decision to start my own blog because I was inspired by a particular blogger who had built their own blog over the years and now travels full time as a blogger.  They had blogged their way out of a job and into their own business as a blogger that is able to completely support them as a family and more financially.

At a very simple level, this sounded really appealing to me.   In addition, there were some other reasons that I had an interest in blogging:

  • Writing for me is relaxing and enjoyable
  • I love the idea of meeting like minded people from around the world through this medium
  • The topic area that I chose for my blog I have a deep passion and interest in (Personal Finance, Travel, Budgeting, Saving Money, Investing and more)
  • Goal Setting
  • Satisfaction of Achievement
  • Learning New Technology & Techniques
  • Extra Financial Income

So off I went into the blogosphere (Which is really a thing – Look it up) and kick started my own blog

Can I make money with my own blog?  

Absolutely!  You can make as little and as much as you want!   You just have to put in the effort and it will come.   Here are a few bloggers who started small and are now making a fortune:

  • John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur on Fire) $595,936 in a month!
  • Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) $176,649.93 in a month!
  • Pinch of Yum $95,197.34 in a month!

Most people don’t make those figures in a year and these people are making that in a month.

So I share with you the simply steps to get yourself into your very own blog.  Just like these people did.   Here are the steps.   Be sure to follow them closely.
[Read More…]

There are many ways that you can work a little extra on the side to make some extra money.   You can kick up a part time job, sell something online or offline, or many other ways to earn extra income.   Whether you want to build up that rainy day fund or go out a spurge on that new TV for the family room.  Having a few extra dollars on hand is not such a bad thing.

I think everyone should strive to find a few ways to make a little bit extra on the side.  It can help you pay off debt, stop living paycheck to paycheck, invest more and just have a little extra money sitting around.

However, there are some lines that I draw that may be pushing it a little too far for my comfort.   Like, for example selling poop which I will get to in a minute (No I’m not kidding around).

Below you will find 10 ways that, all be it a little odd, you can make some extra income on the side.

Join the NASA sleep study making $18,000

No joke, NASA is seeking individuals to stay in bed for 3 months and they will pay up to $18,000 to do so. These studies are conducted periodically to help see what the effects of living in space has on the human body.

It might sound like a perfect gig at first, but once you pass your first few weeks in bed you may find that boredom to starts to set in.    If you don’t believe me, feel free to check out the NASA web site what talks about the program.[Read More…]

So I have learned about the Ibotta phone app recently and to my surprise it’s pretty cool,  so I thought I would review the app here so that you guys can take full advantage of it just like I am.   First all of, what’s with the name of the app.   It seems a little off the wall right?  Well if you pronounce the name of the app out, it sounds much like “I bought a ….” and you fill in the blank.

It’s an app that you can use to get cash back on purchases that you are already making in every day stores like your local grocery store of even Walmart.   I actually couldn’t believe it when I first heard of it.   I thought maybe you get this at some off the wall place, but no we are talking Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Chili’s, Dollar General, Sam’s Club and the list goes on and on.   It’s dubbed as one of the most widely used shopping application available today.[Read More…]

For whatever reason, we seem to collect stuff in our home over a period of time.    It just seems to happen naturally over time where we just have too much stuff, stuff we just don’t need really.  It’s taking up valuable space and gets in the way.  Not to mention, sometimes you just feel overwhelmed by all the stuff around you.     So every once in awhile I go on a rampage to just clear the clutter.

Some of the items, we just end up donating to Goodwill locally.  On the other hand, there are plenty of ways to make some extra cash by selling your items to other people.   You might be surprised on what you can make and what people might be interested in.   You have to keep in mind that not everyone in this world is at your point in your life and they may just need the item that you have longed passed over.

Here are 11 ways to clear the clutter and make some extra money:


If you live in a half way descent sized town or city, you should have local facebook groups that are dedicated to selling and trading locally.   We have several in our area that have thousands of people in the group ready and willing to take that item you have off your hands.   Normally those buying from you will meet you at your front door or if you don’t feel safe doing that, you can arrange to meet at a public place.   I have sold many items on Facebook very quickly through this means.    You generally have to set a specific price and take the first person interested in line.[Read More…]