We are in unprecedented times. The world is in shock and awe as this terrible virus swirls around the globe with the President of the United States declaring a national emergency, unlocking billions of dollars to prevent America from falling into desperate times.

For every person in America, there is immediate concern and stress that has come over each one of us almost over night. Where did this come from and why can’t I get my normal life back?

Each one of us has a different set of concerns. How do I prevent from getting sick? Should I just sit at home and cut myself off from society? What just happened to my 401k plan and now what? Will I have a job tomorrow? What should I be doing now to protect my financial future?

These are unprecedented times and they don’t come with detailed instructions. So what am I to do? We wanted to attempt to calm everyone’s nerves here and provide some tips on what to do financially given this sudden outbreak and global pandemic that has completely uprooted our lives as we know it.

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About a year ago, I was on the look out for other interesting avenues to invest money into. I tried out several of these companies that were either giving away free money or free stocks as incentive to sign up for their service.

After a number of services gave me free money or free stocks, I started to fall in love with the concept that one of these services provided.

Have you ever been to a store where they ask you if you are willing to round up your purchase that you make and they will give the change to a local charity that the store is supporting? This service does the same thing, except that it’s for every one of your purchases and guess what, it’s not going into a charity, but rather it’s going into your investment fund.

Why is this a brilliant idea? Well who thinks about the change anymore when making purchases right? If you go buy lunch and it comes to let’s say $7.67. Would you care if that lunch actually cost you $8? Probably not.

What this service does for you, is detects that you spend $7.67 in your checking account and it comes in and takes 33 cents out of your account to round that purchase up to $8.

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It’s the American Dream right? To build one or many income streams and then set them on auto pilot? That’s exactly what I am going to describe to you in today’s blog post. Passive Income.

I have built a number of passive income streams over the years and have been working on a number more of them over the past several years. The beauty of passive income streams is that once you build them and get them going, you can set them on auto pilot and keep earning money for years even while you sleep. Sounds awesome right?

Have you ever taken a vacation and dreamed about the day in which vacation could become your every day life because you no longer had to return to work? It’s all possible with passive income streams if you put a little bit of effort into them to kick start them.

For me, creating more passive income streams is all about getting more out of life while you are on this earth. If you can earn income in the background on auto pilot, it would give you the time to experience everything that life has to offer rather than having to go to work and fight the rat race every day.

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You no longer need to join a school or university to teach.   In fact, thousands of people are teaching right out of the comfort of their home and getting paid, some in their pajamas too!

How in the world are they doing this?   Well you stumbled upon the right place if this is of any interest to you because I am about to show you how it’s done.

You may think that working remotely in your pajamas sounds appealing, but think about the idea that if you found remote work, you literally are not tied down to a particular location anymore.  You could travel around the world and still be able to teach remotely and get paid.   All you need is an internet connection and a computer.  Pretty neat huh?

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Do you have a decent camera at home?   Do you love to roam around taking photos of this world?   Are you for ever looking for that perfect shot?   Are you addicted to taking awesome shots with your camera?   Well this side gig might be perfect for you!

This is your chance to cash in on a potentially lucrative business where photographers are selling their photos that they are snapping, online.   

If you don’t believe me on how much money you can make from selling your photos online, just read this article about how Evgeny made $1602.50 in just a few weeks via 500px which I feature below.

To make a long article short, he points out the fastest selling type of photo is of people, specifically photos of people doing things together.

I am going to review 44 sites that you can sign up today and start earning cold hard cash with those digital photos that are just sitting dormant on your hard drive.

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If you have heard of airbnb, just think airbnb but instead of renting your home, your actually renting your car. For one day, two days, a week or even more and people will pay you money for sharing your vehicle with them.

The average car in America sits around 90% + of the time and the rest of the time it’s sitting your driveway or parking deck.

Why not put this idle time to work for you and help either pay down your car loan or if you have a paid off car use the money for retirement or other investments.

The average Turo host is getting paid $500 a month for letting others use their car when you don’t need the car.

What is Turo?

Turo is the world’s largest car sharing marketplace, giving people around the world arguably better options to skip the rental counter and go direct to car owners who are looking to lend out their ride to you.

Did you know there is around 1.5 billion cars in the world? That is a lot of resources that for the most part are just sitting around.

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1. Become A Virtual Assistant At Home

If you want to earn some extra money while sitting in your pajamas, this may be for you.

There are people and companies around the world who need your help assisting them in their businesses part time and are willing to pay for you to help from the comfort of your home.

They call this side hustle being a virtual assistant or VA for short. There are legitimate virtual assistant companies that you can sign up to be a part of or if you like the freelance life, there are also a few more options to participate in.

Freelance Sites

  • UpWork – UpWork is a freelance site that you can offer your services up on and build a following based on delivering quality work.  
  • Freelancer – Freelancer is similar to UpWork,  connecting thousands and thousands of people who need something done with independent people like yourself who can help get things done.
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Here is a side hustle where you can not only get paid for it, it can also put a roof over your head for a period of time for free! People from around the world are looking for a trusting person like yourself to come over to their home and keep an eye on things while they are away.

Why is this a thing? Well the answer is a variety of reasons. A lot of times people are traveling for business or just pure vacation and they need someone to provide company for their dog or cat while they are away. Others need someone living in their home to make sure things stay on the up and up through the winter seasons. Perhaps gardening is huge for another traveler who doesn’t want the weeds to take over while they trek the globe.

None the less, all these reasons allow a great opportunity for you to move on into their humble or luxury abode and take in the sights of their local community, town or city for free.

Now, a lot of these opportunities exist in the United States and they are even happening in areas near you if you happen to be in the United States. However, if you are up for a worldly adventure there are house sitting gigs around the globe as well.

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If making money while you sit in your pajamas at home is your kind of work, you might want to listen closely to this opportunity.   Have you ever heard of virtual assistants?

Becoming a Virtual Assistant (Also called VA for short) is pretty simple and requires no prior experience necessarily.    As entrepreneur’s continue to build out small empires, they need people to help them with the upkeep of what they have built in order for them to focus on continuing to build what they have built.

For example, bloggers all around the world have a zillion things to focus on in a given day to continue to drive their blog or multiple blogs forward.   Since bloggers don’t generally have office space to keep their expenses low, they generally rely on others that are also virtual to help them with their day to day.

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Introverts Unite!    Believe it or not, according to researchers they estimate up to 50 percent of the world’s population are introverts.   I must say I am one of them and perfectly fine with it!  Did you know that even David Lettermen and Barbara Walters are self-proclaimed introverts?

Just because you are an introvert, doesn’t mean you can’t thrive in this world.   Steve Jobs was an extrovert but he teamed up with introvert Steve Wozniak, co-founders of Apple.   I think everyone will agree that they were a powerful team that has changed our society forever!

None the less, we introverts would rather curl up with a good book at home than to be front and center at the latest rave party.  There is a human tendency to wonder if you are normal for being an introvert and studies show that you are probably more normal than you even realize, so don’t let being introverted slow you down but rather you should celebrate and embrace it!  You are just like many other people.

Despite all this, you may feel more comfortable tackling work to earn extra money in a way that is more compatible as an introvert in this world and that’s OK.    I have compiled a list of extra income ideas to get you some extra income with work at home and other scenarios where you don’t need to be confronted with more extroverted type of activities.

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