So I have a bad habit of not planning ahead sometime and being in need of cash exactly at the time where there are no ATMs around that are free of a surcharge.     Has anyone else been in this situation?   You would think that you could function on your debit card no matter where you need to go, but to my surprise I find myself needing cash still on a regular basis.   Do I get back into my car and travel 5 miles down the road to my bank where I can pull out some cash from my checking account.  This is just to avoid the $3.99 surcharge fee this convenient store ATM is forcing me to pay?   Oh the agony when I have to push that button that steals $3.99 away from my hard earned money for the privilege of getting access to my hard earned money.  How rude some of these ATM machines are right? Rude!  ha

This is such a bad habit of mine, I would say that I find myself paying this fee 2 – 3 times a month.    That’s almost $12 a month or in terms of food a pizza night out.  Or if you make minimum wage, that’s over an hour of hard labor.    $144 a year!  I am just throwing the money away because I can’t march down the street and get money out of my bank’s ATM.    How dare I do such a lazy thing?!?  If you calculate that laziness over my entire working career, I would have spent $6,768 in fees to simply have the privilege of accessing my own money!    How insane is that?[Read More…]

I have to say I LOVE Starbucks and more so than Starbucks, I just love coffee.   I can’t think of a world where I wake up and not have coffee every morning, sometimes multiple times.  It’s probably up there as one of my top things in life and top priorities.  OK, you got me I’m an addict, but I tell people all the time that it’s really not the caffeine that I am addicted to because I love decaf just the same.  Well almost the same.   None the less, my favorite thing to do is to make it over to Starbucks for a Salted Caramel Mocha which in my town costs $4.95 for the Grande size.

I mean what else would you rather pay $4.95 for than a rich and wonderful warm toast than a Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha.   I mean what else would you rather do?!?  Nonetheless, let’s be honest, $4.95 is pretty steep for a cup of coffee and one that is probably filled with plenty of sugar and other things that probably are not tremendously great for me from a health perspective.

Let’s just say for a minute if I was able crack the habit and eliminate that daily intake of coffee.  Say goodbye to that wild and wonderful cup of Salted Caramel Mocha….   It’s hard to imagine, but let’s just say for minute that’s what I did.[Read More…]

Bring your lunch to work versus buying out every day

You can make a sandwich for a fraction (Couple Dollars) of what it costs to go out a grab lunch.   Even a Lean Cuisine meal will run you $3 – $4 versus the $10 – $12 that the run to Panera Bread or Chipolte could tax you with.   This also does not count the time and gas to run out to grab lunch.

Refinance your student loans and potentially receive a lower interest rate

I recommend taking a look at Credible to refinance your student loans and potentially receive a lower interest rate.     At the time of this writing the interest rates were as low as 2.37%.   If you are paying more than that, I highly recommend you take a look here.   If you sign up through this link you could be eligible to receive a $500 bonus.  It’s free to apply and see what your rate would be.

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So we decided to take another 10 Day trip to Disney in August and we did it without paying a penny for our hotel.   Here is how we did it.

We have long been fans of staying at Marriott’s when we had to stay at a hotel.   Because of this, we felt that signing up for a Marriott credit card was somewhat of a no brainer.   To our surprise, you actually earn 80,000 points if you sign up and spend $3,000 within the 1st 3 months.   Then, on top of that, if you add one authorized card user and that person uses the card within the first 3 months, you get an extra 7,500 points.   So right out the door, we had 87,500 points.[Read More…]

I will go way out of my way for a deal, whether that be online or in store.  I have used coupons, waiting for items to go on sales and used credit cards with just the right points, but in comes Ebates which is a way to earn FREE money just for buying what you were already going to buy anyways.   Here is my Ebates Review for all of you.

Today, I wanted to go over how you can save money on numerous every day purchases that you already make.   I’ve already received quite a bit of money from Ebates for some of the purchases that I had to make anyways, so why not get some cash back and save while I am doing it.

Here is the bottom line, Ebates gives you Free Money for shopping.  I’m not kidding!  Ebates is the best cash back web site out there right now.   When you sign up to Ebates through our web site, Ebates will give you $10 right out of the gate when you spend your first $25.

So let’s get started…[Read More…]