50 No Spend Ideas During This Pandemic


50 No Spend Ideas During This Pandemic

Let’s face it, trying to stay busy during this pandemic has become more and more challenging as the weeks turn into months. Never fear, here is a list of 50 things that can get you going immediately and keep your mind moving in a positive direction.

1. Complete A Puzzle

Our family has completed 3 puzzles so far while we have been sheltering at home, one of which was 1000 pieces large. When my daughter brought out the 1000 piece puzzle, I thought we would never get done. However, 2 days later the puzzle had been completed. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you set your mind at it.

2. Start A Journal

If you like to write, this may be for you and especially during this time that is for sure going to be in the history books. Cataloging your feels, what you were doing and even what your kids thought can be great to reflect on years from now. Even if it’s not just about the here and now, cataloging your life over years of time can provide for a way to relive your past for years to come.

3. Start a VLog

Maybe video is a better and easier way to express what you are going through rather than writing it all down. This is also great for recording what your kids are thinking and doing in their lives. You may not realize it now, but years from now having the ability to go back in time to see what your kids thought about life now and what their future may look like provides for a way to relive all those memories that once were.

4. Play Music

Can you play a musical instrument? Or maybe you can just sing a tune? Maybe you can’t play a musical instrument at all and want to learn. This is a great time to hone in on your skills. If you want to learn, there are tons of resources online for free that you can use to learn. Get started by going to YouTube and searching for the musical instrument that you would like to learn and get started today.

5. Reach Out To A Friend

In the days of Facebook and the hundreds of friends that your profile says that you have, maybe its time to start reaching out to some of those friends and reconnecting with a few of them that you haven’t talked to in years. It might give you the opportunity to rekindle some relationships that have died off at the vine. It doesn’t cost a dime to reach out and touch someone via the phone, face time or zoom.

6. Write Poetry

If you are a writer, or even if you are not, writing poetry can be a great self expression of your life. It’s similar to painting a picture that you can hang on the wall. It’s even better when you write it about someone you love. You don’t need to start from scratch, as there are tons of poetry already available online that you can get some inspiration from to build your own notes.

7. Movie Marathon

This is probably what most people are doing these days, so this one is a pretty obvious one. From Netflix, Hulu to the new Disney + there are tons of options available to you these days where you have vast archives of options of quality entertainment. This might give you a good excuse to reach out to your friends to see what they have watched recently that they thought was really good.

8. Learn a Foreign Language

There are a ton of resources online where you can learn a new language for free. For example, a company called Duolingo is a site and app that you can use to brush up on French, Spanish or other languages that interest you. Like most other things that you can learn, YouTube is also another great place to start.

9. Read a Book

I have a book shelf of many unread books that I have said when I find the time, I am going to read that book. Now may be the perfect time to pickup that book off the shelf, find yourself a little cozy spot in your house and burn through that book.

10. Meditate

Maybe it’s time to focus on you, relieve some of those worldly stresses that you put yourself under and just spend time re-energizing your core.

You can learn tips and tricks on how best to meditate online but simply sitting cross legged in a completely quiet room repeating a soothing word in your mind for 20 minutes could give you what you need to start you day.

11. Give Yourself a Spa Day

Gather up your bath salts, bubble bath, candles, soft music, glass of wine and face masks to create a spa day at home like no other. You might find just laying around your house all the necessary ingredients to indulge yourself in a relaxing few hours of your day.

12. Organize Your Photo Collection

If your like most people these days, you have en-massed a massive collection of digital photos of your life over periods of years. First of all, make sure your photo collection is backed up to the cloud. Secondly, it might be time to go through all those and give your collection a sense of organization.

13. Bake Something From Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is anything like mine, there is always something in the pantry that I could give a whirl at making. From simply that boxed muffin mix that you can whip up in minutes to something more complex like making a fresh loaf of bread or that famous meal that mamma used to make.

14. Write a Letter to Friends & Family

Writing an actual letter and sending it through the actual mail is a lost art these days of digital. Taking the time to write a letter will mean a lot more than even what it used to mean years ago because people know that you have gone out of your way to say they are special in your life. Take this time to show someone in your life that you care about them by writing them a letter that you actually send through the snail mail.

15. Play Board Games

Almost every family household has a few board games that you can pull out and entertain your family for hours. You might even find some competitiveness in your family that you never knew you had.

16. Organize a Space

If your like us, we seem to over time get things disorganized and out of place, especially our kitchen. Take the time to finally organize that area of the kitchen or spot in your house that bothers you the most. Is the tupperware all over the place, well spend some time to really put it in its place and get it in order. The accomplishment will go far in terms of satisfaction and it will lower stress in trying to find things when you need it.

17. Clean Out Your Closet

How long have you been wanting to clean out your closet, give some of those old clothes away and keep only what you need. With an over stuffed closet, your clothes get wrinkled and its hard to find what you need when you need it.

18. Review Top Movie Lists

A trick that I have done in the past is to review old Oscar award lists, independent spirit awards or look into blog posts by the critics on what were the best movies out there year over year and then pop some popcorn and watch those films you have never seen before. You might just find a new movie that you will treasure for years to come.

19. Take Up Knitting or Crocheting

This could be a time to where you pick up a talent like knitting or crocheting where you could make something with your hands.

20. Take Up Wood Working

Maybe you like to create things with your hands. With some fairly simple tools that may be available out in your garage you could make something out of the wood scraps that you may have laying around your garage.

21. Start a Workout Program

With all this time your spending at home, you might as well use it wisely and get yourself in shape. There are a ton of free workout, aerobics and yoga videos online for free that you can use to get started with. Just search the web and you will find plenty.

22. Try a New Mixed Drink

If your like me, I have a collection of alcohol sitting over in the cabinet for when friends and family came over for parties. With social distancing, that has not gone to good use as of late so this may be the time to whip out some drink recipes from the web and see what you can make out of the supply that you have already at home.

23. Grab a Coloring Book

If you have kids, you will likely have a few coloring books around the house. My friends, these books or not just for the kids, you can find hours of entertainment and soul soothing by taking one of these books, sitting out on the back porch and coloring yourself a piece of artwork.

24. Reset Your Goals for the Year/Life

As I like to call it, I am trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Maybe it’s time to figure out what some new goals should be for the year or even your bucket list. Be sure to write them down on a piece of paper that you can refer too regularly and that they don’t get lost to time. Writing goals down and reviewing progress against them is one of the first steps to success.

25. Take Time to Reflect

Maybe its time to just put your feet up and sit back to reflect on what you have accomplished lately or even in your life. Take time to let you mind roam and dream about what you have done in life and want to do going forward. It might let your mind roam to find new meaning in life.

26. Go Camping Inside

If you like to camp outdoors, maybe it could be fun to set up camp inside your house, break out the sleeping blankets and pillows, maybe even pitch a tent, huddle up, pop some popcorn and watch scary movies together.

The kids love doing this if you have kids.

27. Fix the House

If your anything like us, we always have a running list of things around the house that need fixed, touched up or just plain old replaced. I can’t tell you how many times I have run around the house with a screwdriver tightening screws on door knobs or closet doors. Now might be the time to tighten up those screws around the house.

28. Interview Grand Parents or Parents

Via the phone or video, wouldn’t it be a great memory to capture of interviewing your grand parents or parents while they are still with us on earth. One of my most price possessions is a cassette tape that I captured in 5th grade of my Great Grandmother as she told me of what her childhood was like in Georgia, tending to her father’s fields and more. She was born in 1898 and is no longer with us, but that interview will be here forever to remember her by.

29. Make a Photo Book

With the many photo sharing sites online (Shutterfly for example), go out and upload memories over the last year and build out a memory book. Even if you don’t order the actual book, creating the book online will provide for a way to see all your photos in a nice layout format to relive the memories from the past.

30. Try A New Recipe

From the likes of Delish.com or other recipe sites online, go search for a new recipe that you have never tried before and give it a whirl in the kitchen. You may just discover that new dish that you wish you had made years ago.

31. Make a I’m Grateful for List

Positive energy is infectious. Making a list and checking it twice of things that are positive in your life will change your mood from grumpy to happy in no time flat. No matter how down in the dumps you may be, there is likely a silver lining of things in your life that you can be grateful for.

For example, if your reading this you are most definitely a live. You have been given another day to enjoy this world around us, so make the best of it. You have a roof over your head, etc. Be positive!

32. Put together a wine tasting night

Gather all those bottles of wine that you have sitting around your place and organize a little wine tasting evening. Turn on some nice relaxing music, check that wine super chilled and pull out some cheese and crackers and take a tour of the vintages that you have stashed around your house. Maybe you could even go so far to research each wine to see where it originated from and the story behind the winery itself.

33. Get Your Finances in Order and Start A Budget

As you can tell from this blog, there is a limitless amount of things you can do to better organize yourself financially. You are never done with your finances, so take some time to make sure you have your finances in order. Even so much to create a budget and ensure you are adhering to your budget can go far.

Get my free budget worksheet here to get started.

34. Create a Scavenger Hunt For Your Family

This can be done with some paper, pen and some creativity. My son did this for us recently where he just took some scraps of paper and wrote clues on them and hid them all around the house and yard. It kept us busy for at least an hour hunting down where he hid all the clues and it provided for some free fun for the family.

35. Apply for a New Job

Even if you have a job, maybe its time to level up and take the next step in your career. As they always say, it doesn’t hurt to look and maybe you will stumble upon that next thing in your career that you just love.

36. Learn to Dance

There is a ton of videos online to learn new techniques of a specific kind of dance that you are looking to acquire. From Belly Dancing, Hip Hop to Break Dancing, there is something for everyone.

37. Write a Will

You don’t need to be filthy rich with a massive net worth to have a will. It’s an important financial tool that your family will thank you for if you suddenly pass unexpectedly that gives them a map of what your wishes are once you have made it to your final destination. Don’t leave your family hanging to have to deal with this uncharted.

38. Watch Star Wars, All of them!

I am shameful to say that I have not seen all of the Star Wars movies back to back. This is the time to do just that. Fire up the sofa and kick back to see the saga unfold.

39. Plant a Garden

Go grab the tiller and till some land in your back yard and build out that lush green patch of goodness to keep you busy all summer long.

40. Help out a local Food Bank

Whether you can gather together some canned goods from your pantry that you are not using or maybe ask how you can help your local food bank by donating your time, you will be spending time on a good cause.

41. Go on a Bike Ride or Run

Getting exercise can lower stress and get your body into a state to fight another day. Get out there and get some exercise.

42. Sleep In

Getting a good night sleep can go far in your outlook on life. Sleep is so important for your body to recharge and to stay healthy, so make sure you are well rested for the day ahead of you.

43. Take a Walk in your Local Park

Chances are where you live, there is a city or national park within a reasonable drive where you can explore. Try one that you have never been to before and see what great locations you can spot.

44. Take up Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun way for you to get out there and get your adventure on. Geocaching is essentially a treasure spot somewhere in this world and its your goal to locate it by going on an adventure. There is many apps you can download to your phone to help you find good Geocaching locations near you.

45. Teach Yourself Origami

It’s amazing what you can create with simply a piece of paper and your imagination, or maybe a solid set of folding instructions. Might be a fun way to impress your friends at your next meet up.

46. Teach Yourself Magic

Want to impress your friends with a card trick or maybe a slight of hand magic trick. There are magician sharing their secrets all over the web, including our fav YouTube.

47. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Support local grower’s by getting out there now that summer is coming and buy local.

48. Pack a Picnic

Pack a picnic lunch and grab a blanket and hike out to your favorite hiking spot this sprint or summer.

49. Turn some tunes on and sit around the Fire

Grab a drink, turn on some tunes and build a fire out back. There is nothing better than the peacefulness of sitting by the fire, with some tunes, drinking a drink and watching the stars go by.

50. Capture Photos

Go out into your community or local parks and capture some new photos. Maybe you can capture something that is worthy of framing that showcases the beauty of your local parks and recreation spots.

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