44 Web Sites That Pay Up To $500 Per Photo


44 Web Sites That Pay Up To $500 Per Photo

Do you have a decent camera at home?   Do you love to roam around taking photos of this world?   Are you for ever looking for that perfect shot?   Are you addicted to taking awesome shots with your camera?   Well this side gig might be perfect for you!

This is your chance to cash in on a potentially lucrative business where photographers are selling their photos that they are snapping, online.   

If you don’t believe me on how much money you can make from selling your photos online, just read this article about how Evgeny made $1602.50 in just a few weeks via 500px which I feature below.

To make a long article short, he points out the fastest selling type of photo is of people, specifically photos of people doing things together.

I am going to review 44 sites that you can sign up today and start earning cold hard cash with those digital photos that are just sitting dormant on your hard drive.

1) 500px Prime

Sell Your Photos on 500px Prime

This site has a reported over five million photographers listing their digital smug shots for sale.   

There is such a draw to this site because they offer their photographers 70% net proceeds from the sale of their photography for EVERY license sold!  Licenses range from $34 to $748 PER PHOTO!   

Do the math my friends!  1 $250 Photo sold 10 times = $2500 with a 70% payout earns you $1750 in your pocket.  Potentially lucrative!

2) SmugMug

Sell Your Photos on SmugMug

SmugMug was started by a father and son team back in 2002 amd has grown over the years to be a dominate site dedicating to showcasing your photography to the world.

As professionals, you can also sell your photos to others via this platform. In 2018, they also acquired Flickr from Oath Inc to extend their reach.

3) Shutterstock

Sell Your Photos on Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a trusted resource for over 80,000 photographers. You can be one of those selling your works of art to others around the world.

If you poke around their web site, you will see there are people earning up to $120 per photo download along with 30% royalty on other items.

Shutterstock has paid out over $500 Million to photographers since they have been in business. Wow!

4) GettyImages / iStock

GettyImages is a huge player in the space and has been around for years. They serve over 1.5 million customers in more than 200 countries around the world.

They have one of the largest distribution networks, giving you a greater opportunity to reach your own customers to sell your digital media to.

They currently host over 200,000 contributors to their platform and you could be one of the next.

Sell Your Photos on GettyImages / iStock

5) Adobe Stock

Hands down the behemoth media player in the room, Adobe draws a crowd for sure. With their platform you can reach millions of buyers of media. This is a must look for any photography enthusiast.

Just add your photos, videos, vectors or other illustrations via the Adobe products or through the web and watch your earnings rise.

As with any Adobe products, they do a really nice job in the experience that you have within their platform.

Sell Your Photos on Adobe Stock

6) Alamy

With Alamy, you can sell your photos on their platform and with that you earn 50% of all direct sales if your photos are exclusive on their platform.

If you decide to use multiple platforms to expand your reach, they will reduce your earnings to 40%. Keep in mind that a lot of the platforms will pay you 30% on average.

Alamy appears to be easy to work with and doesn’t lock you into any long term contracts.

Sell Your Photos on Alamy

7) Etsy

Etsy is the home of all home grown pieces that you can buy from the comfort of your own home. This may be their little secret, but did you know you can sell photography on their site as well? It’s true.

Check out their guides and how to’s on how to make money selling photography via their platform.

Sell Your Photos on Etsy

8) Crestock

Crestock offers it’s contributors a commission between 20 – 40% based on a progressive scale. Crestock has been in business since 1981 and they reside in Canada. They are currently not accepting additional contributions as they upgrade their systems. Be on the look out when they return shortly.

Sell Your Photos on Crestock

9) Snapped4u

Snapped4U is a fairly easy to use and simple interface to sell your event photos. They accept photos related to all kinds of events, including fundraiser events.

They pay out the 1st of the month via Paypal, so you will need a paypal account. They do have a one time $10 registration fee.

Sell Your Photos on Snapped4u

10) Photoshelter

Photoshelter has uploaded more than 400 million photos since they have started.

In order to partake in selling your wares online with them, they do require that you sign up for one of their several membership options online in order to sell your photos starting at $10 / month.

Sell Your Photos on Photoshelter

11) Tour Photos

This platform is dedicated to tour companies who are looking to sell or give away the photographs of their excursions and other activities that they capture on film.

They offer unlimited cloud space and the ability to create galleries online.

Sell Your Photos on Tour Photos

12) 123RF

With some of these more off the beaten path sites, you may not get as much foot traffic over your images, however you can get paid more than the norm.

This site gives you up to 60% of the earnings on your photography, vectors, videos or even music via their platform.

Upload your wares today!

Sell Your Photos on 123RF

13) 4Corners Images

This site profiles photographers work on a more personalized individual basis. They offer disciplines in a variety of areas including travel, nature, good lifestyle to pure landscape works.

You will need to reach out to get approved to be featured on their site.

Sell Your Photos on 4Corners Images

14) Animals Animals

If you like taking pictures of animals or nature, this site may be for you. They specialize in photography around animals.

If you like this type of photography, you can earn up to 50%. The photos must be high resolution taken by a 10 MP camera shot or above.

Sell Your Photos on Animals Animals

15) Bigstock

Housing over 89 Million pieces of media on their site, they are a mid size player in the space. You can earn 30% rev share received by the Bigstock partner sale.

Sell Your Photos on Bigstock

16) Cutcaster

Custcaster has a rev share of 55% of the sale price of the images that you sell. If you are not exclusive to their site, the rev share drops to 40%. If you refer buyers to the site, you can earn 10% on top of your royalty payment.

Sell Your Photos on Cutcaster

17) DepositPhotos

This site has a progressive scale on how much you earn based on how many sales you make on their site.

They have 5 levels between 0 and 150,000 downloads which would make you between 34% – 42% in commission off of the sale of your photography.

Sell Your Photos on DepositPhotos

18) Dreamstime

Dreamstime claims to be the world’s largest photo market place. If you exclusively list your photos through their platform, you will earn 60% revenue share. If you are not exclusive, it drops down to between 25% – 50% royalties.

They offer some extras that are nice, like message boards to collaborate with other photographers and a blog. They are worth checking out.

Sell Your Photos on Dreamstime

19) Twenty20

This site has over 100,000 contributors online and over 50 million stock photos online. Their membership fee is $16.50 a month to join to consume their photos.

Sell Your Photos on Twenty20

20) GL Stock Images

This site has a 40% commission rev share on all sales. You can set your own pricing and decide on how the photos are licensed as well. They pay out every week so you can get your earnings fast.

You also don’t need to stay exclusive to enjoy the set rev share model. Upload multiple photos at a time and get started.

Sell Your Photos on GL Stock Images

21) Image Vortex

With this site, you can earn anywhere between 25% – 75% of the fees that they receive for your content.

Their site interface could use some loving though. Probably wouldn’t be my first choice, but people do make money here.

Sell Your Photos on Image Vortex

22) Ingram Group

This company has several public web sites that they distribute your content to. Uploading your photos here will get you distributed across all of their properties.

This site pays out 40% rev share commissions and payments are made via a few options when your account is greater than $50.

Sell Your Photos on Ingram Group

23) InstaPrints

InstaPrints is a division of Pixels.com and claims to be the world’s largest art site. You simply just upload your photos and when people purchase them to be printed, you make money.

Payments are made on the 15th of the month. There are some folks who have made lots of money from this platform, especially if you have a way to market the works that you post here via social media.

Sell Your Photos on InstaPrints

24) Living 4 Media

This site specializes in interior, home or garden photography. If that is your thing, this might be the company for you.

If you are interested, you do need to be approved to be features, so the first step is to reach out to them and see if you are a fit.

Sell Your Photos on Living 4 Media

25) Lookphotos

This company has their roots in travel and outdoor photography and are looking for top notch photographers to feature. Their strengths lie in modern realization of authentic images in both travel and outdoor photography.

They are looking for the wow effect, so only submit your best to be featured.

Sell Your Photos on Lookphotos

26) Photo Cuisine

This site is all about food, if that’s your thing this may be for you.

If your interested, be sure reach out to them directly. Since they are an international group, be sure to click on the correct language in the upper right hand of their web site.

Sell Your Photos on Photo Cuisine

27) Pond5

These guys want your media, specially video but they also look for music, sound effects and even photos as well.

You can earn 50% of the sales of your media assets. You also don’t need to sign any exclusive deals, so that’s great.

Sell Your Media on Pond5

28) Seasons Agency

This agency is all about people, beauty and lifestyle photos. If you are into that type of photography, reach out to get approved to be featured.

Sell Your Photos on Seasons Agency

29) Scopio

Share your photos with the world and earn money, is how they roll. This site makes it pretty simple to participate. Submit 20-50 photos to get our page started with the,. You earn money on every single sale.

You can get paid up to $500 per image, but most photos will be less.

Sell Your Photos on Scopio

30) StockFood

This company is serious about their food pictures. They are on a hunt for the best food photographers and videographers around the world and they are willing to get you paid for your works.

Sell Your Photos on StockFood

31) Stockfresh

This site pays our a minimum of 50 % royalties on your content sales. You can optionally earn up to 62.5%.

You do need to apply for consideration.

Sell Your Photos on Stockfresh

32) Stocksy

Stocksy pays between 50% – 75% royalties on your content. They do ask that all of your content is exclusive to them though, so keep that in mind.

They also want you to apply to be considered.

Sell Your Photos on Stocksy

33) Stockvault

So this site is a bit different than all the rest and may or may not be right for you depending on your goals.

They ask for donations via a coffee button on their site. Essentially the person donates $5 to you or you can also earn the Google Adsense money that is generated from someone visiting your photos.

Sell Your Photos on Stockvault

34) Storyblocks

This site you can earn 50% commissions with no exclusivity clauses in the fine details. Sell both photos and videos.

Sell Your Photos on Storyblocks

35) Tetra Images

This is a listing of online profiles of work and only good for those who already have an online portfolio. If you do, they may feature it for you.

If this is of any interest, you will need to reach out and showcase your online portfolio to them to be approved.

Sell Your Photos on Tetra Images

36) Yay Micro

This site offers a 50% commission on your photos and illustrations.

Sell Your Photos on Yay Micro

37) Agora

This is a mobile app and can only be used via a mobile device. Get started quickly by creating an account and uploading your photos for free.

Sell Your Photos on Agora

38) EyeEm

50% Commission from EyeEm. This is also a smart phone app that you must download to use.

Sell Your Photos on EyeEm

39) Foap

$5 commission for each of your photos. This is also a smart phone app that you will need to download to use.

Sell Your Photos on Foap

40) Photosesh

Think Uber or Lyft for Photographers. If you are a photographer for hire, this site may be for you to get some more business. They claim to be the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to book a photographer.

Sell Your Photos on Photosesh

41) Scoopshot

This site allows you to complete photo a video assignments to earn money. You would need to download their mobile app to participate.

There are several rev share options available and payments are made via Paypal.

Sell Your Photos on Scoopshot

42) Snappr

This is another platform that matches people who need photographers with the actual photographers that are available. Consider this a place to get freelance gigs if you are a photographer for hire.

Sell Your Photos on Snappr

43) Your Own Web Site or Business

People pay big bucks to have their event or special occasion captured in video or photo format. It’s a big business. In fact, this industry generates $10 billion in revenue annually, employs more than 230,000 people, and comprises around 185,000 businesses in the United States.

Consider starting your own gig starting with special events like weddings to get your portfolio started.

44) Craigslist

If you are a photographer looking for a gig, this could be a great way to get the word out when your first starting. Post an ad, because it’s free!

Wow, what a list! If you have other sites not listed here or have any feedback to share of your experiences, be sure to leave a comment below.

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