10 Best Ways To Make Extra Money For The Holidays


10 Best Ways To Make Extra Money For The Holidays

1. Become A Virtual Assistant At Home

If you want to earn some extra money while sitting in your pajamas, this may be for you.

There are people and companies around the world who need your help assisting them in their businesses part time and are willing to pay for you to help from the comfort of your home.

They call this side hustle being a virtual assistant or VA for short. There are legitimate virtual assistant companies that you can sign up to be a part of or if you like the freelance life, there are also a few more options to participate in.

Freelance Sites

  • UpWork – UpWork is a freelance site that you can offer your services up on and build a following based on delivering quality work.  
  • Freelancer – Freelancer is similar to UpWork,  connecting thousands and thousands of people who need something done with independent people like yourself who can help get things done.

Virtual Assistant Companies

  • Belay (Formerly eaHELP) –  Belay has a client list of over 800 companies that need virtual assistants to help them get things done.   This is more so where you would have to apply for the the job and be accepted as one of their virtual assistants that they in turn offer up to one of their clients.
  • Priority VA – I have to admit, I’m not much a fan of their web site, but this is another company like Belay that you could consider applying to in order to become a virtual assistant.
  • Fancy Hands – This is a pay per task type of company, where any random task could come in and you could get paid anywhere between $3 – $7 or up per task.   Virtual assistant tasks generally range around 20 minutes of your time but depend on how long it takes you to get them completed successfully.
  • Flex Jobs – Flex jobs is a site where you can go to find telecommuting jobs in general, including becoming a virtual assistant.

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2. House Sitting Gigs

Most of these gigs allow you to travel and have accommodations for free as long as you house sit for the owners of the home.

Perhaps the owner needs someone to watch their pet in their home while they are away or maybe they are looking for someone to just watch over their home while they are away on vacation.

None the less, these opportunities can either provide for a way to put a roof over your head in a new town or some of them are paying gigs as well.

Here are a few of the sites that I would recommend checking out:

If you like pets and willing to get paid to house sit, this gig may be for you.

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3. Take Surveys And Get Paid

I have been paid up to $500 in the past for my time in giving my feedback to a survey company. Companies around the globe are looking for your insight and they will pay you for it.

The good news is there are a lot of survey companies to choose from, so pick one that interest you the most. In fact, sign up for several of them so you can have options on which company to work with at any given time.

Sometimes survey work comes in waves. There are times where I am being presented with a lot of bigger opportunities and other times where they are smaller, so the trick is getting into as many of these databases as possible to maximize the number of companies reaching out to you for your insight.


4. Apps That Pay You To Shop

So the holidays are coming and you are likely going to be purchasing some gifts for family and friends. Why use these purchases to get some cash paid back to you?

Did you know there are apps out there that if you take a few steps ahead of time, you can get free money paid back to you for doing the same shopping you would have done anyways?

It’s pretty simple too! and fun! Here are some of the sites to check out


5. Evaluate Search Engines For Cash

Computers do a great job on a lot of things, but they are still learning when it comes to perfecting the organization of the world’s information.

Unfortunately, computers have still not made it to the accuracy level of humans in a lot of cases. This is where human’s come into play.

Search engine companies will pay you money to verify how well of a job they are doing in their search results.

Here are 3 companies that we have curated where you can earn extra money helping to perfect the search engines of the world.

  • The Smart Crowd (Lionbridge) – Flexible hours with the ability to work from home.  Year Round, Competitive Rates and Stimulating Work.
  • Leapforce – Google search engine, Google Play and Google + – You will need to use your Google account linked to your Gmail Account
  • Appen – Looking for social media evaluators.  From Facebook to Amazon Alexa.

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6. Make Money Mystery Shopping

This is a fun and sneaky way to earn a few extra dollars. As retailer becomes more a more competitive, stores are becoming that much more paranoid on how their stores are operating on a day to day basis and this is where you come in.

I have spent some recent time in retail. All I heard when moving around the corporate office in a retail company was how do we go about making the customer experience or customer journey better?

These companies use people like you who look like your every day average shopper to go into their stores and give real and honest feedback of your experience in their store or restaurant.

What do you get out of it? Cold hard cash for your time!

If your interested in this line of work, give Bestmark a try and see if you can get scheduled in as one of their secret shoppers near you.

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7. Rent Your Stuff

You might not realize this, but you may have something that someone else does not. Something that someone else might need to borrow from you and that you provide for them.

Of course, your not going to just let them borrow for free. Consider renting it out!

Here are a few ideas on how you might consider renting out some of your stuff or your time to make a little extra money.

  • Rent yourself out to help others
  • Rent out party supplies – Chairs, Tables, Etc.
  • Rent your money
  • Rent a room in your home or your entire home
  • Rent your bathroom (lol) – Not kidding!
  • Rent Your Driveway, Garage, Parking Spot (Think RVs)
  • Rent Your Car
  • Rent Your Driving Abilities (Think Uber and Lyft)

There are plenty of ways that you can lend out your stuff and get a few bucks in return.

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8. Start A Blog

This one may not be a get rich quick item, but if you stick with it, it can be quite lucrative over time.

Do you like to write or tell stories? Do you like to express yourself in written or pictorial form?

Give blogging a chance and you might surprise yourself on how much fun it can be and how much extra money you can make from this side hustle.

I have put together a step by step plan on getting a blog stood up in 4 simple steps. It really can be super simple to get the blog started.

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9. Deliver Stuff For Money

Let’s face it, people are busy these days and they want convenience in their lives. In comes what they call the Gig Economy, where people are paid upon the task or project completed versus carrying an hourly wage or salary.

Companies have sprung up all over the place offering you the freedom to work when you want and how much you want. Here are a few options for you to spring up your own delivery service today!

10. Sell Items Online

Everyone has stuff they don’t need any longer. Stop looking at those things stack up in your closet and basement. Get them listed online and get them sold.

Instead of throwing a garage sale, just list them all online and sell them from the comfort of your home.

Craigslist isn’t the only place you can go to sell stuff these days. Ebay has been around for a few decades now and don’t forget to check out Facebook.

Facebook is particularly interesting in communities who have a strong buy and sell Facebook group to sell your items locally. We have several Facebook groups in our area that have thousands of people just waiting to buy your stuff.

Bonus! My Epic List Of Ways To Make Money

What would a top 10 list of ideas be without a bonus? Here is my epic list of additional ideas to make some extra money around the holidays and Christmas.

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Bonus #2! Odd Ways To Make Some Extra Money

I had to include this bonus extra because some of these ideas are so crazy they almost seem to not be true.

Check out ways to make a buck by doing sleep studies for NASA, donating aspects of your body or even (not kidding) donating your poop. Again not kidding, check it out!

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Do you have a killer way to make money this holiday season? Tell us in the comments below!

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