House Sitting Gigs – Get Paid and Stay for Free around the World


House Sitting Gigs – Get Paid and Stay for Free around the World

Here is a side hustle where you can not only get paid for it, it can also put a roof over your head for a period of time for free! People from around the world are looking for a trusting person like yourself to come over to their home and keep an eye on things while they are away.

Why is this a thing? Well the answer is a variety of reasons. A lot of times people are traveling for business or just pure vacation and they need someone to provide company for their dog or cat while they are away. Others need someone living in their home to make sure things stay on the up and up through the winter seasons. Perhaps gardening is huge for another traveler who doesn’t want the weeds to take over while they trek the globe.

None the less, all these reasons allow a great opportunity for you to move on into their humble or luxury abode and take in the sights of their local community, town or city for free.

Now, a lot of these opportunities exist in the United States and they are even happening in areas near you if you happen to be in the United States. However, if you are up for a worldly adventure there are house sitting gigs around the globe as well.

For example, in reviewing sites like Luxury House Sitting I quickly found an opportunity in Botswana, Africa where the scene is something out of a movie.

Not only do you get this view to the right, a friendly wild hippo, elephant or leopard may stop on by at any minute to visit. A real ‘Out of Africa’ experience as they call it, with an incredible bird life.

So what is the catch with this gem of a find? Well the owner needs you to day here for approximately 91 days to keep an eye on their property. While your there, you must keep an eye on the staff including a gardener and housekeeper to make sure they are performing their duties. You are to provide security for the facility and you must have experience in operating pumps, generators, solar systems and swimming pools.

This place is out there so you should probably have some experience in living remotely for months before going on this safari. For those willing to take on the adventure, you get this place all to yourself with a staff all paid for by the owner. Pretty cool huh?

So let’s get down to business. Where are these sites and how do I sign up? Here is a list of some of the more popular sites that list these house sitting opportunities from around the world.

  • Luxury House Sitting – There is a $25 a year registration fee.
  • Nomador – This one is free to join and you can apply up to 3 times, but if you want to take this seriously they ask for a $89 a year fee.
  • Mind My House – This site is not free. You must pay $20 to join as a house sitter.
  • House Carers – You can join for free, but if you want to make contact with a home owner, it will cost $50 a year.
  • House Sitters America – This site costs $30 a year.

There are people who make a full time travel journey out of hopping between house sitting duties. Pair that with some couch surfing and back packing adventures, and maybe you just don’t need a home turf.

Dalene and Pete

In fact, in reading a blog by a Canadian couple Dalene and Pete, house

sitting is exactly how they spend their days. In 2009, they sold their house and began their journey traveling around the world simply by house sitting their way through.

They have taken this so seriously that they have actually written a book about it and received a number of notable awards for their travel blog. Since 2009, they have toured places that we could only dream of. They taught underprivileged kids to swim in Bolivia, rode camels in the Sahara Dessert, kayaked along side icebergs in Greenland and so much more. They did this without paying a dime to sleep in their accommodations each night and you can too.

Pretty amazing huh? Tell us what you think by posting below.

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