How I Get Free Gift Cards Every Month


How I Get Free Gift Cards Every Month

I have been secretly getting free gift cards every month for extra spending money.   I will tell you that I am not tricking the system here.   There is a legitimate way to get free gifts cards and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

I have become somewhat of a addict to Swagbucks.   If you haven’t heard of Swagbucks, listen in here because it is really cool stuff.   When you sign up for an account (By the way, you can get an extra $10 if you sign up through my special link), you can then collect what they call swag bucks.    You collect these through the swag bucks web site by watching videos, playing games, shopping, answering surveys and searching the web.

By doing super simple tasks, you collect these swag bucks that you can turn into free gift cards.      To date, Swag bucks has given away over $185 MILLION dollars in gift cards so far, so this is no joke my friends.   Get your piece of this action!

Today I hopped on and took a quick 10 second poll, then hopped over a read a copy articles on the web, took one of their gold surveys and earned over 200 Swagbucks!    Whenever I am in line at the grocery store or pumping gas, I pull out my phone and see what I can tackle on Swagbucks.  It’s super simple.


If you need to do some online shopping, head over to swagbucks first because they will give you swag bucks for every dollar you spend at online stores.  For example, for every dollar you spend on Amazon you get 7 Swag Bucks.    I am kicking myself for all those years that I bought stuff on amazon and didn’t collect my swag bucks.   They have TONS of qualifying stores.

Shop Local

Ever go out to Living Social of Groupon and grab yourself a deal off of that site?   Don’t do that anyone.   Go here instead because Swagbucks is pulling all the great deals from Groupon and Living Social and putting them on this site for you to see all in one spot.   PLUS, you get lots of swag bucks for ever deal that you swip from the site.

Eat At Local Restaurants

Get this….  You can even earn swag bucks from eating at local restaurants.  Just link your credit card and away you go on earning free gift cards!   They have thousands of participating places to visit.  Probably places you are already visiting!

Online Coupons

They also have coupons for the taking.   Whether it be a coupon to an online store or they even have coupons that you can clip and take to your local grocery store.   Either way, on top of the coupon savings, you are also earning swag bucks towards your next free gift card.   It’s like getting double rewards!   As of today, there is $567.93 in coupon savings awaiting you!


Planning your next vacation?  Don’t do anything until you have clicked through the swag bucks site to book your next trip through one of the travel companies like,, and more.   You get swag bucks for every dollar you spend.   All you have to do is click here first before booking on your favorite travel booking site.

Watch Videos

Can you believe by watching videos,  cooking shows, entertainment shows and more that you can grab some swag bucks?   Amazing but true!   Content that you are probably already watching, just by watching it through the swag bucks portal, you can now grab yourself some swag bucks.

Answer Small Surveys

You can take surveys online as well.   Companies out there want your opinion on a variety of things.   I find it fun to punch through one of these while I am waiting in lines at the grocery store or elsewhere.

Get Special Offers

Swag bucks negotiates an obscene number of offers for its members.    I find myself just looking around here to see what might be fun to give a try.   For example, below there is an offer to have wine shipped to your house.   In return, 4000 swag bucks for the taking!

Searching The Web

If you don’t already have enough reasons to sign up for swag bucks, you can also collect some swag bucks by searching the web.

Playing Games

How about earning some swag bucks for playing your favorite games?   I don’t know about you, but I have a few games that I just can’t live without.  So much fun and I earn swag bucks while I play.   How cool!

Sign Up For Free Today

I have worked with Swag bucks to offer our readers a special $10 free money sign up reward when you click through one of the links from Drew’s Money.   You can click on the link provided below to get this rewards!

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