AirBNB Explained + Grab My Free $40 Credit At AirBNB


AirBNB Explained + Grab My Free $40 Credit At AirBNB

AirBNB has become the staple for homes away from home and for cheap too!   I’m sure just like Uber was to Taxi Cab companies, AirBNB has hotel chains shaking in their boots.

If you don’t know what AirBNB is well let me enrich you on the idea.   AirBNB is a online web site where you can get connected with people who are offering their place up for you to spend the night or more in exchange for a fee.

At times the fee is even less than what you would pay at a commercial hotel chain, but you might get an entire house instead of being crammed into a tiny cookie cutter room.

Here Are Some Cheap AirBNB Homes

Below is an image of what you can get overlooking Los Angeles for $125 a night.   This is just a random selection that I pulled up on the AirBNB site.   There are zillions of more options waiting for you.  Compare this to your average, run of the mill hotel room and you will be hooked on AirBNB forever!

This place has free wifi, a pool overlooking the Los Angeles skyline, washer and dryer, kitchen to cool all your meals at home, free private parking on premise, cable TV, all the essentials and even a personal Hot Tub.

How about this place?  The Gatehouse to Ayton Castle.   You can stay in this lovely place in the United Kingdom for $131 a night.

What about this lovely place in Toscany Italy?   You can grab a night by this pool for only $60 a night.

As you can see, you can score some pretty night places on the cheap all around the world.  AirBNB has revolutionized the accommodations industry and you can reap the benefits of this.

I want you to give this a try so I have made arrangements for you to get a $40 credit with AirBNB, just by signing up through my special link.   Get your $40 Free AirBNB Credit Today!

You can also use Ebates to get cash back on flights out to your destination or other travel related expenses for your trip.

AirBNB Experiences

AirBNB also has a newer section on their site where not only can you get a place to stay for the night, but you can also take in unique experiences designed just for you while you are in town.

Whether you want to cruise through old Tokyo with a cycling pro, create your own painting in Paris or surf the California waves with a local, AirBNB Experiences are sure not to be missed while you take your next trip.

AirBNB also has a mobile app that you can download after you sign up for an account.


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