8 Money Savings Hacks To Save Money At Starbucks


8 Money Savings Hacks To Save Money At Starbucks

I have said it before, I LOVE Coffee!   If I would pick one food or drink item that I just could not do without, Coffee would be it.   I have also said before that if you made Starbucks your #1 choice in the morning, the amount of money you would spend over time would be astronomical.   If you have read my post on “Your Daily Starbucks habit could mean $330,633 less money at retirement“, you will see that it can be an expensive habit.

None the less, if you just can’t help the urge to get yourself a Starbucks, then I have compiled a list of tips & tricks to save you some money while drinking this irresistible drink.  Here are my 8 hacks to stretch your money at Starbucks.

Free Refills

Did you know you can get free refills at Startbucks?  You have got to be kidding me right?  No it’s true.   During the same visit, if you use the same registered Starbucks card or mobile app and return for a refill, you will get a free cup of brewed coffee (hot, iced or cold brew) or tea (hot or iced).   If you don’t believe me, check out their policy on the Starbucks web site.

Take a Friend and Split

This is not for one who is not up for a cheap date, but if you are trying to save some cash this could be an option for you.   If you don’t usually go for the Venti size cup when at Starbucks, maybe this time you should.   Why Drew?

Well the Venti may only cost you 20 -30 cents more but then you can ask for 2 additional cups and then split that mocha between the 2 of you into the smaller cups.   Plus on top of that, you get to take a friend with you and both enjoy Starbucks for the cost of one.

Oh by the way, for cold drinks there is a Trenta size (Whopping 30 oz), so yet another way to split on a cheap date out.

Get the Short

If you don’t need a lot of coffee, perhaps you could settle in on the Short which is not widely advertised.   The Short is a 8 ounce sized cup that is obviously cheaper than the rest, but can still get you kick started in the morning.   The option will not be on the menu, but the Barista will know what your talking about when you order it up.

Ask for No Ice or Ice on the Side

Have you ever had this happen to you?   You go for the Venti iced tea one day and your dying of thrist on a hot summer day, then before you know it you have sipped down every drop of that drink because it’s stacked full of ice.    Don’t let this happen to you!    This is how you go about this.

Ask the Barista for no ice in your cup.    If you need ice, just ask for a side cup with the ice in it.   This way not only will your drink not get watered down, the Barista is likely to add more drink to your cup initially if there is some left over, which depending on which Starbucks you go to a lot of times there is.

No Room for Cream

A lot of times the Barista will ask you if you would like to leave some room in your cup for cream.   That’s very thoughtful of them, but if you need room for cream and other condiments, then either ask for another cup or ask for a larger cup.   Pour your coffee into that cup and fill up to your hearts content at the condiments bar.

Poor Man’s Latte

Instead of ordering that expensive latte, you could instead just order the 3 express shots and a large cup.   Head over to that condiments bar and fill up that cup with the wonderful cream/milk that they have at the condiments bar.   Instant poor man’s latte and cheaper than if they would have made practically the same thing behind the bar.

Starbucks Rewards

I have a habit of forgetting to log my rewards when I buy a Starbucks.   You get 2 stars for every $1 spent at Starbucks.   You can then turn these into rewards for every 125 stars you earn so around $60 in spend.    Plus, you get free stuff on your birthday too.   So sign up for the rewards program because it’s super simple to participate and you are leaving money on the table if you don’t take the 5 seconds at checkout to log your rewards.  Oh by the way, you will need this to get your refills I mentioned up above, so yet another excuse to get this taken care of, it’s free.

Bring Your Own Cup

If you bring your own cup, you qualify for 10 cents off your purchase.   This may not seem like much, but if you would rather have your own cup then this could save you some money over time.

Bonus:  Puppuccino

Did you know that Starbucks has a puppocino which is essentially a cup of whipped cream for your dog?   How fun!   You may have to explain this one to the Barista when ordering though…


What other Starbucks hacks have you come up with in your ventures?   Leave a comment explaining it below!

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