12 Extra Income Ideas for Introverts


12 Extra Income Ideas for Introverts

Introverts Unite!    Believe it or not, according to researchers they estimate up to 50 percent of the world’s population are introverts.   I must say I am one of them and perfectly fine with it!  Did you know that even David Lettermen and Barbara Walters are self-proclaimed introverts?

Just because you are an introvert, doesn’t mean you can’t thrive in this world.   Steve Jobs was an extrovert but he teamed up with introvert Steve Wozniak, co-founders of Apple.   I think everyone will agree that they were a powerful team that has changed our society forever!

None the less, we introverts would rather curl up with a good book at home than to be front and center at the latest rave party.  There is a human tendency to wonder if you are normal for being an introvert and studies show that you are probably more normal than you even realize, so don’t let being introverted slow you down but rather you should celebrate and embrace it!  You are just like many other people.

Despite all this, you may feel more comfortable tackling work to earn extra money in a way that is more compatible as an introvert in this world and that’s OK.    I have compiled a list of extra income ideas to get you some extra income with work at home and other scenarios where you don’t need to be confronted with more extroverted type of activities.

Here they are…

Become a Blogger

This is an awesome opportunity to earn some extra money and in my opinion very fulfilling because you are helping others out with your knowledge.   Did you know that there are thousands of bloggers that just write for a living for other people’s blogs and their personal blogs.   Don’t think that you need to be super technical to do this either.   In fact, if you dive into my guide How to Start a Blog in 4 Simple Steps to Earn Extra Income you will find that you could get a blog up and running in about 10 minutes, no joke!

I walk you through very specifically how I got this blog running utilizing one of the best blog hosting companies in the world.   In fact, you can get started for as little as $3.95 a month with Bluehost.   You say Drew, how much could you possibly make from writing on a blog?   Let me tell you that there are people making millions off some of their blogs out there.   It really comes down to how much effort your willing to “consistently” put into making your blog work.     For example, John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire made $595,936 in a one month.   Pinch of Yum, a fun and yummy food blog, made $95,197.34 in one month.

When I think about this profession, I think about the movie Shawshank Redemption.  Have you ever seen it?   It’s a movie about a man that was falsely accused of a crime and was locked up in prison.   Well over the time he was there he actually broke through the wall of his prison cell by chipping away at his goal one piece of the wall at a time and escaped.   They refereed to this achievement as just requiring pressure and time.   That’s all you need to become highly successful in blogging.   Applying the appropriate amount of pressure and the appropriate amount of time.

I love blogging as you can tell!  It’s so much fun and you can do it while sitting in your pajamas!

Take Surveys

I have done this many many times.   In fact, I just got called yesterday to do another study over a period of 3 days (30 minutes per day) and they are going to pay me $250.  Wow, I called them back and said, sure I can do that!  These are not every day surveys, but they do come along from time to time where you can make more than the normal run of the mill survey.

I wrote a post not too long ago where I talk about some of the survey companies that I have used in the past to earn extra income from.  If your interested in this, I would recommend reading my 13 Online Survey Sites that will pay you Extra Money.   Some of the surveys are actually pretty simple and could take you 5 – 10 minutes.   These are those surveys where you just take one or two of them while you are waiting in the grocery line or at the doctor’s office.   Fire up your mobile phone and take a few surveys.

Here are some of the companies I mention (Survey JunkieOne OpinionVIP VoiceProduct Report CardSurvey ClubOpinion OutpostPanel BucksPaid SurveysPrize RebelAmerican Consumer OpinionInbox DollarsSwagbucksPinecone Research) and they all have varying degrees of payouts from a few dollars to several hundreds or dollars or gift cards.    Back in February I actually received a check for $500 from one of these companies.

Yet another job you can do without leaving your home.

Mystery Shopping

I have taken mystery shop opportunities a number of times now.   I  have received free food at restaurants, free oil changes, free products and have received cash for conducting mystery shops.   If you are interested in learning more about mystery shopping, be sure to check out my post on “How I Make Money Mystery Shopping“.

Mystery shopping is where companies will hire you to go into their store and see what their employees are doing and how the they are being presented on an average regular day.   Have you ever seen Undercover Boss on TV where the president of the company dresses up like a regular guy and goes into the store as a new employee to see really what happens when no one is looking.   Well you are the hired undercover boss for that company to dig in a see what really happens in their store or restaurant when management is not looking.

It’s actually kind of a fun job to do and the whole goal is to not let them that you are no other than a normal customer!

Search Engine Evaluator

Ah Google…   The gateway to all human information!    Did you know that although Google is run by millions or computers, there are still humans that review the accuracy of Google’s search results every single day?    If you like learning about new things by reading and doing research, this might be a gig for you!

If an article I wrote recently, I walk through this gig in depth and you can do it while still in your pajamas and make up to $15 an hour.   Check out my post Make $12 – $15 An Hour In Your Pajamas Evaluating Search Engines where I show you how it’s done.

Google and Bing rely on people like you to make sure their search engines are returning the best results for everyone around the world.  You could be a part of this and not even leave your home!

Virtual Assistant

This is a BIG business.  As more and more small businesses and entrepreneurs work to earn a piece of their career dreams, there is more and more need for people to help them get things done.   The cool part about this is in today’s world of technology advancement, you no longer need to trek into an office.   In fact, many entrepreneurs would rather you don’t because that office just costs them more money.

Depending on the type of virtual assistant work that you do and who you work for, you could earn anywhere between $15 – $50 an hour.   Be sure to check out UpWork if you would like to check out all the virtual assistant jobs out there.   You can also search Google for virtual assistant type jobs as there are lot of companies out there providing this service.

Here are some services that you can offer as a Virtual Assistant.

  • Managing Someones Blog (A lot of people doing this)
  • Managing Social Media for a Company
  • Creating Image on Pinterest
  • Live Chat Support
  • Phone Support
  • Sending Invoices or General Accounting
  • Responding to Emails
  • Responding to Articles or Commenting
  • Writing Blog Posts
  • Online Research
  • Following up on Business Development Contacts
  • Managing Someones Calendar/Schedule
  • Answering Questions
  • Data Entry
  • Trnascribing Audio or Podcasts
  • Mailing Letters or Postcards
  • Assisting with Product Launches
  • Reputation Management on Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Proofreading or Editing Content

Uber/Lyft/Amazon Flex Driver

On my epic list of 100 top ways to earn extra money, I talk about becoming a driver for Uber, Lyft or Amazon Flex.   Did you know that Amazon is building a global delivery force where anyone like yourself can delivery for amazon and all you need is transportation and a mobile phone?  You pick your own schedule and you can deliver for Amazon.   It’s pretty fascinating as Amazon drives to deliver their packages faster to their customers.  One day you will order on Amazon and they will have it at your door step within an hour.   They will use this Amazon Flex platform to do it, so if your interested I would get in on this now.

On the flip side, you could also transport people and all you need is your car and a mobile phone with Lyft and Uber.

Website Testing

This is a pretty simple gig where companies hire you to run through scenarios on web sites and give feedback.   For example, we used UserTesting.com at our retail company to get feedback from customers on how successful they were able to walk through our product catalog and make a purchase.   We then had the same people walk through our competitors web sites and do the same thing to compare and contrast.   It is an incredibly useful tool for companies that need a second and third opinion and you get paid to help them do that important work.

Some of the companies that I recommend checking out are What Users DoUser FeelTry My UIEnroll App and the one that we used was UserTesting.com.

Certainly something that you can do from home.

Buy & Sell Stuff Online

Amazon and eBay is a huge stage for making money online.   You just need to find a nitch product that you can offer online that is in demand.   Don’t think that it absolutely needs to be a new product either.   I have had friend that sold $50,000 worth of used designer purses online last year.   This couple would source designer purses from a variety of places, clean up the purses and resell them on eBay.  No joke, they sold $50,000 worth of them in their free time.

If you want to sell on Amazon, Amazon has a great program call Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) where you source the product, buy the product and then ship the product to Amazon and they sell and ship the product for you.   I plan to write an article about this in particular soon because it’s a great program.

Selling on Etsy

Etsy has opened the entrepreneurial doors to crafters around the world to sell their creations in an online marketplace.     We have bought a number of neat and unique things off of Etsy over the years that are placed around our home.   If your good with Artwork, sewing, graphic design, knitting and making things this may be a good platform for you to experiment with.

You will need to perfect your craft and certainly offer something unique to compete.    The sky is the limit on what you can make from this platform.  It just depends on how much effort you want to put into it.   The best is that it could be an outlet for your creative side and you can make some extra income while you are at it from home.

Freelance Writer

If you like dive into your own space and write, this could be a great way to make some extra income at home.

The money you can earn from freelance writing can vary tremendously depending on who your working with and what they are asking for you to write.    From a few dollars to a few hundred dollars per piece of writing.    If you decide to dive into UpWork to find gigs, you will want to build your portfolio so you are able to market yourself more easily.

You may have to take some lesser paying gigs to build that portfolio so that larger clients can see that you are serious about writing.

This can be a perfect gig for those introverts that just want to grab a cup of coffee and sink into their zone at home.


We used to take our books and taxes to a local woman who worked out of her home.   She used to be a former accountant for a local company and decided to stay at home with her kids when they were born.   She figured she would earn a little bit of money on the side so she started to let people she knew from her past that she was able to do their taxes and that then grew little bit little into bigger clients.

She now does this full time at home and sets her own schedule.

Every small business is a potential client as they likely don’t have time to keep their books straight.  You can be that person that helps them with their bookkeeping.

Technical / Web / Software Development

If you have any technical skills, this could be the gig for you.   More than ever full time work from home is a real thing in the tech industry.   What once was an in the office kind of job, people with tech skills can demand 6 figure incomes and work 100% remote and at home.    I know a few guys that are working at home for a company out of Chicago and all three of them make $120,000 a year doing so.

Even if you don’t want to make it your full time gig, there are tons of work to be had on UpWork and other freelance tech sites.  If you know how to build a web site, put together a WordPress site, or build the next big mobile application then these are skills that are in demand.


As an Introvert, what other gigs have you found that have worked for you?   Leave me a message and share.

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