8 Must Have Apps That Pay YOU To Shop


8 Must Have Apps That Pay YOU To Shop

Do you love to shop?    Well here are 8 awesome apps that you need to know about before you head out to do some shopping, whether it be online shopping or in store shopping.    All 8 of the apps are completely free and in fact these companies will pay you!   Awesome right?

Let me tell you about them:


This is a fun little app where they focus mostly on providing you surveys to complete and in exchange you earn what they call “Swagbucks”.    The surveys are generally not a drag to take and they usually don’t take long.   The great thing about this site is that they tell you how long the survey will take and what you will earn ahead of time.

For example, you could be presented with a 6 minute survey where you could earn 50 Swagbucks.   When you reach a certain threshold of Swagbucks, you can then begin to turn them in for gift cards of your choice.    This is perfect to kill time when you are waiting in line somewhere, or at the doctor’s office or when you lay down to go to bed.   Fire up the app and take a survey and earn some Swagbucks!

Before you know it you will have gift cards waiting for you from Amazon, Starbucks, Target or even Walmart.

Sign Up to Swagbucks


If you use my free sign up link, Ebates will give you $10 right out of the gate when you spend your first $25.

This app is focused more on getting cash back on the purchases that you likely are already making.    So let’s say you are going to make a purchase at JCPenney or Walmart, just come to Ebates first and click on the JCPenney or Walmart link through Ebates first, make your purchase like you normally do and then Ebates will send a percentage of your purchase amount back to you in cash!   Simple as that!

Check out my review on Ebates if you would like some more information on the service.

Sign Up to EBates


You may have seen the commercials for iBotta.   I was woken up to one of them just this morning so it inspired me to write this post.   iBotta is similar to EBates however where Ebates was mostly online shopping, iBotta is all about the in store shopping cash back.

So here is how it works.   You go to iBotta before you go Walmart, Target or even your local grocery store.    Activate the various offers that they have for each store, then go shopping and pick those items up.   When you get home, take a picture of your receipt and your cash back is on it’s way.   It’s really as simple as that.  They even have cash back on your typical things that you would purchase at the store like eggs and milk, not just your weird odd ball purchases.

Check out my review on uBotta if you would like some more information on the service.

Sign Up to iBotta

Field Agent

The field agent app is a different take on doing mystery shops.    Download the free app, fill out your agent profile and then search for jobs in your area.      Review the offer on the particular job and if you agree to what they are asking for you to do, accept the shopping job and get going.    You then are an acting agent for a particular company to go scope out their shopping experience.

You go shop and report back your findings.  When you do then you get paid.   Simple as that!

Sign Up for Field Agent


With the Gigwalk app, you will become what they call a Gigwalker.    Just like Field Agent, you download the app, fill out your profile, link your Paypal account for getting paid and sign up for gigs that pay anywhere from $3 to $100.

The cool thing about Gigwalk is that they link directly to your Paypal account.   So when you complete your work and when it’s approved, the money will be sent directly to your Paypal account.

Sign Up for Gigwalk


So this app is pretty neat!   You earn what’s called “Kicks” that you can eventually turn into gift cards to do more shopping.    You can earn kicks for doing one of the following things:

  • Just by walking into the store
  • For scanning specific items in store
  • When you purchase something on your credit card
  • Take a snapshot of your store receipt
  • Invite some friends to ShopKick

Sign Up for ShopKick


Mobee is another app that you can download to get paid to shop at places you already love going to.    Mobee will ask you to do one of the following things in a store of your choosing:

  • In store audits
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Competitive Price Intelligence
  • In Store Experience Feedback
  • Market Research
  • and other misc shopping tasks

Sign Up for Mobee

Receipt Hog

This is an interesting app that let’s you snap photos of the receipts from ANY store you purchase from.    In exchange for the receipts, you get rewards that you can tally up for free gift cards to Amazon or cold hard cash that is sent directly to your Paypal account.

How can Receipt Hog afford to do this?   I wondered that myself the first time I came across them.      Here is how they do it.    They are collecting market research data that other companies pay Receipt Hog for.  For example, a company may want to know in the Phoenix area how more likely a consumer is to shop for detergent at a super center versus a traditional grocery store.     Receipt Hog gets paid for this research and you get paid to snap your receipts of the detergent that you just bought.  Simple as that!

This one is a no brainer to sign up to…   A must have for sure!

Sign Up for Receipt  Hog


There you go!  Never venture out to buy anything unless you are armed with several of these apps or else you are leaving cash on the table that you could have in your pocket.

Have you found any other awesome apps that could be added to this list?


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