Make $12 – $15 An Hour In Your Pajamas Evaluating Search Engines


Make $12 – $15 An Hour In Your Pajamas Evaluating Search Engines

Learn how you could make $700 – $1000 a month just by verifying search engine search results…

Let me explain…

Google, Yahoo and Bing use complex logic and algorithms to parse through the billions of web pages that are on the internet (In Google terms, that’s around 47 billion web pages to be exact).   This is one big job for anyone to do and make sure every single search is as accurate as it can be.   This is where you come in.

Computers do a great job most of the time, but they don’t always get it right.    They are filled with errors.   Search engine companies need real humans to take a look at how they are doing on a regular basis in order to ensure that they are returning the highest quality, most relevant and useful links as they possibly can.   There are billions of dollars at stake here is they get it right and hold their lead in the search engine race.

How do I get into this?

You can sign up to be considered for the job.  The job title is actually called “Search Engine Evaluator”.   You will either need to take an assessment that could take up to a couple hours, or they may opt to conduct an interview over the phone.      Either way, it shouldn’t bee too challenging to get the gig.

If you get the gig, you will become an independent contractor of the company that is running these search engine evaluations and be paid for your time.

Where do I find these jobs?

There are a number of these companies out there to do around.   Here are a select few that you should check out and see if there is a fit for you:

  • The Smart Crowd (Lionbridge) – Flexible hours with the ability to work from home.  Year Round, Competitive Rates and Stimulating Work.
  • Leapforce – Google search engine, Google Play and Google + – You will need to use your Google account linked to your Gmail Account
  • Appen – Looking for social media evaluators.  From Facebook to Amazon Alexa.

Just keep in mind that you are an independent contractor where you need to keep track of your time and tax responsibilities when earning money this way.

Benefits of This Type of Work

Knowledge is power – Given that you are essentially evaluating information all day, you will get to learn a lot about the world that we live in.   If you like learning new things, this might be an ideal gig for you.

You get to work in your pajamas and at home – What better way to start the day than to roll out of bed and grab a cup of coffee and that’s your commute to work.

You can set your own schedule – You can usually work as little or as much as you want.   Some of the companies require you to work a minimum amount of hours to stay active in their company, but it usually is not too much.

It’s better than minimum wage – Are you working on a hot grill making minimum wage for a living?   Maybe take a break from that and give this a try for awhile.  $12 – $15 an hour is not too bad.

Things to keep in mind

No Benefits – This is an independent contractor role, which means they pay you your hourly fee and that is it.   They do not provide benefits.

Taxes Are On You – They usually will not take any taxes out, so that is your responsibility.   Don’t go spend all the money you

Lack of Regular Pay – A number of these companies pay only monthly.   So if this is your only income, you maybe need to have a fairly strict budget to make sure you make it through the month.

This is not a full time job – Some weeks you may have more work than you know what to do with and other weeks you may not have as much work.

In Summary

This is a great gig that you can do at home to make a few extra bucks on the side.  Even if you could make an extra $500 a month from this,  I would call that a success.   I wouldn’t necessarily rely on this as your main income, but it certainly could be your extra money to save and more with.

Now go out there and apply and see if you get accepted into this secret little club as a search engine evaluator.

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Have you been a search engine evaluator or a job similar to this?   How did it go?




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