7 Smart Ways To Save Money On Amazon


7 Smart Ways To Save Money On Amazon

I have to admit, I love Amazon!  LOVE Them!  When you are eager to pay a company $99 a year (Amazon Prime) for the privilege to buy stuff from them faster (2 Day Shipping), then you know you have something going on.

I do have to be careful with what I do on Amazon, because they make it so easy to buy from them anymore.   I could order something by just talking to Alexa, I could simply press one of my Amazon Dash buttons, or I can just set it and forget it with their subscribe & save feature and poof an Amazon box drops on my front door step.   There is no arguing that Amazon is revolutionizing our way of life.

You will soon be able to checkout at Grocery stores without waiting in line (Amazon Go), in fact you don’t need to do anything except to just walk out.

You will even be able to order online and receive your delivery in an hour through a Uber-like on demand Amazon delivery service, maybe even a drone will drop off your package in your front lawn soon.   The sky is the limit!

Let’s come back to the ground though and talk about today.   There are several ways that you can save money on Amazon that you may not even realize exists, until now!

If you wanted to learn more about Amazon Go, check out this video below:

Now let’s get started on saving some money at Amazon…

1. Amazon has Coupons – For Real!

Did you know that Amazon has thousands of coupons for the taking?  Don’t buy from Amazon until you visit this section of their site.   They are ready for the taking with a few minutes of time looking around for what your looking for.

From the link I provided above you can clip thousands of coupons with a click of the button and the discounts will be provided when you checkout with that item, that simple!  Virtual coupons are awesome!

I now go here first if I am looking for something because I know it’s going to be cheaper with the coupon.

2. Amazon Store Card – 5% Unlimited Cash Back

Amazon has a store card where you can earn an unlimited 5% credit back on your statement for any purchase through Amazon.   Either that or you can take a 6, 12 or 24 month financing option as an alternative.   No annual fee on the card.   Unheard of right?

Here is the link to the Amazon Store Card if you want to check out the deal.

Hint:  You need to be a Amazon Prime member to get the cash back though.

3. Ebates has over 30 Amazon Cash Back Offers

If you haven’t stumbled upon Ebates yet, I highly recommend you head on over there and sign up.  If you use my Ebates link here, you can get an extra $10 just for signing up.  They have deals as much as 10% cash back on some of the purchases you are making at Amazon.

And oh by the way, they have over 2,000 participating stores that you can get cash back from.   Macy is even giving away a free gift + 6% cash back, Walmart is even jumping in on the fun!

Ebates is a must visit!

4. Leverage Paribus to Save Money

This is a pretty amazing piece of technology here I must say.  Get this, Paribus will monitor your purchases on Amazon and a number of other retailers through your email and get your cash back if the price drops after the purchase!

Did you know that many retailers have policies that state that if the price drops within 15 days or 30 days, that you are entitled to a refund of the difference?  For example, Amazon has a 30 day policy.       If the price drops after you purchase and it’s within the policy time frame, Paribus will automatically attempt to get that money back for you.

Wow!  That’s pretty cool!    Check out Paribus yourself.

5. Earn 5 Points Per Dollars Spent at Amazon

MyPoints is another cash back type of site, similar to Ebates.   When you shop at major retailers through MyPoints, they give you points that you can turn into gift cards.    With Amazon they give you 5 points for every $1 spent at Amazon.

They also run deals… For example, never buy your Prime membership directly through Amazon.   Link through MyPoints to buy it because you get a $15 Amazon gift card just for signing up for the prime membership.

6. Amazon Subscribe & Save

So we love this feature of Amazon!   Anything that I can do to automate my life, I sign up for right away.   For example, we have a dog.   We know for sure we are going to feed him a certain kind of dog each and every month.   Why worry about going to the store to pick up his dog food when you can sign up to their subscribe & save program, save 15% for doing it and then the dog food shows up on my front step every month.   How convenient!

So what is Subscribe & Save Drew?

Subscribe & Save is an Amazon program where you can sign up to receive any one of the thousands of items that they make available on a automated and regular basis.   It could be monthly or every couple months or every 6 months, that’s up to you to decide.   If you sign up for 3 or more items per shipment you immediately get 15% off the items.

The cool thing about this is that I no longer have to worry about picking up certain things from the store.    They just show up on my front step when I am close to running out.    We do this for bathroom products, paper towels, toilet paper, dog food and more.   We set an interval and just sit back and watch Amazon automate our lives and we save money in the process.  Pretty neat!

7. Keepa Box Amazon Pricing History Chrome Plugin

This is a must have plugin for Chrome and Amazon.   It’s called Keepa Box and I use it all the time.    The best part about it is that it’s totally Free!

So what this is, is a plugin that you install into Google Chrome browser.   Whenever you are browsing the amazon site, it places this interface on the actual product pages of Amazon.   An overlay so to speak as if Amazon put it on their pages themselves, but it gives you inside information on the pricing history of an item so you can determine if you are getting it at the lowest price or perhaps did Amazon just raise their price on it recently.

As you can see from this graph below, the item is currently not at the lowest price.   You can see a couple times during the holiday season, Amazon dropped the price.   How do I know this?   Well I bought this item at Christmas for $40, not $50.   The graph below also tells me this.    You can also see the trend of what used items have been selling at as well.

With Keepa Box, you no longer have to wonder if you are getting the best price that Amazon has recently offered.   Just use Keepa Box to keep Amazon honest.

What ways have you discovered to save money on Amazon?  Leave a comment below…


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