My Epic List of 100+ Top Ways to Earn Extra Money


My Epic List of 100+ Top Ways to Earn Extra Money

Many times you will hear in life that money is not everything.  Well I am hear to tell you that money is still very important to your freedom in this life.   You can either let money control you or you can have it support you and help set you into financial freedom.

I started this post because I felt there are so many people in this world who feel they don’t have opportunity at their finger tips, that they don’t have options to earn extra money, that they are just stuck.   Well this blog post will prove even the biggest cynic wrong.

There are vast number of opportunities out there to earn extra money, you just have to go look and find them.   In fact, you don’t even need to go find them, I have explained them in detail to you in this post.

If you decide to take one of these ideas up you can achieve the following:

  • Work towards retiring early in life
  • Take that next big dream vacation that you thought was out of reach
  • Buy a house for the first time or add on to your exisiting house
  • Pay down your debt and get debt free (There is nothing worst than being in debt)
  • Live a less stressful life because you owe nothing to no one

There is a ton of information listed on this screen so you may consider pinning it on your Pinterest board or saving it as a bookmark to refer to later on.

If you only have a few hours to spare a week or you have more time, each one of these ideas offers an opportunity to use some of that spare time and earn cash in the process.

Now go out there and grab you some of this opportunity (AKA Money).

1. Start a Blog

If you ever desired to leave your salaried job for a life where you can make your own rules, maybe travel whenever you want, then blogging may be something you should consider.   You may just want a little extra money or you might want to fire your job and go out on your own, with the right amount of effort, you can do that with your own blog.   To get started, read my post How to Start a Blog in 4 Simple Steps and you will be well on your way to joining the blogosphere.    It really is a fun profession!

Bluehost is a huge supporter in the blog space.  They host thousands and thousands of WordPress blogs out there today and you don’t any technical expertise to get it up and running.  They will help you along the path to get your blog setup and running, plus the entry level pricing starts at $3.95 a month.

2. Drive for Uber, Lyft or  even Amazon

Mobile applications and the internet has opened up all kinds of opportunities for every day people to earn a living with just a car and your mobile phone.   Amazon is even jumping on the band wagon where you can deliver Amazon packages for the company in your area of the world.   You will likely earn between $18 – $25 an hour and to some extent can set your own schedule.

Uber – Uber is a dominant player in the space that allows people to sign up to use their mobile application to find people that needs rides.  You pick them up and take them to where they need to go and you get paid.  Simple as that.

Lyft – Lyft is a competitor to Uber and provides transportation to people in your community or wherever you plan to provide your service.

Amazon Flex – Put the power of Amazon behind you and deliver packages in your own vehicle on your own schedule with Amazon Flex.

3. Take Surveys Online

Companies around the country are looking for people like you to give them honest feedback about their product or service or in store experience and they will pay you for your insights.

Read my post 13 Online Survey Sites that will Pay You Extra Money to learn how to do this.   I have taken surveys for almost anything under the sun and received payment for my time.   Some of these survey companies give you a small signup bonus just for signing up.

4. Participate in Unique Panel Studies

Recently I was asked to participate in a study that dived into a number of topics around what I thought about technology and how I used technology in my work life, including taking pictures of my office and its surroundings.   It was an interesting study because by being a part of it I got to see how others used technology and how their worklife was affected by technology in their workplace.

Oh and by the way, I got paid $500 for my time.   Now I will say I probably spend 5 – 6 hours of time over a period of 2 weeks, but I consider that well worth it.  Here is the check I received shortly after finishing the study.   Smith Research was the company that I worked with, but there are a number of companies out there like this.

March 27th 2017 Update!! I just participated in another study in March of 2017 where they paid me an additional $250 over a period of 3 days where I spent 30 minutes per day participating in a panel discussion board Q&A around technology topics.

Here are a few more sites to participate in studies and panels

  • Find Focus Groups – I just saw a listing looking for people who love wine and the compensation is $150!
  • Focus Group – Both local offices and national coverage

5. Create an eBook or Digital Product

There is no better way to earn a passive income that to product a product that can be sold an unlimited times.   Think about it..  If you sell items on eBay, you actually have to go source those products, potentially carry inventory and then ship them via a carrier service like UPS, FedEx or USPS.   There is money and a lot of leg work involved in that.

In an interview the blogger Michelle Schroeder-Gardner did with Abby Lawson, Abby states she made over $110,000 from her ebook in 2015 and just in the first quarter of 2016 she had already made $58,000.   So there is real money in owning a blog and selling an ebook.   [see How to start a Blog]

If you create a virtual product like an eBook or a course on a topic, you just create it once and you can sell it a million times and never run out of inventory.   Teachable is a platform that you can use to house your coursework and it provides a great interface that a lot of bloggers take advantage of for their sell-able course-ware.   If you have a sell-able ebook or just a PDF, then there are other platforms like ClickBank where you can publish and take advantage of their existing base of over 100,000 affiliate marketers.

6. Sell Your Stuff in your Home

I know you have stuff laying your place that if just taking up space.  Everyone has something they can sell.   Read my post on the 11 Ways to Sell Your Stuff For Cash for some extra guidance on where to sell your stuff and make some extra money.

Another place to where you can earn some money for selling DVDs, CDs, Games, Books and other Tech is Decluttr.   You tell them what you have and they will pay to have those items shipped to them and then you get paid.   It’s pretty simple.

7. Freelance Proofreading

Was English class your thing in school?   Do you enjoy reading and picking a part other people’s writing?   Then becoming a freelance proofreader might be your thing.  Caitlin Pyle and I work together on one of our Pinterest boards and I have to say she is pretty awesome.   In 2014, she was able to make $43,000 by just doing freelance proofreading on the side.   This was all done part time.

Over the last few years she has had a ton of success and decided to start teaching others on how this is all done.   Check out her course at her site called Proofread Anywhere.   She also has a Free 7 Day Course to get your started at her site.

8. Freelance Writing

So proofreading isn’t your thing, well maybe writing is?    You don’t have to hold a full time job as a writer to make money.   People are writing on a freelance basis every single day and making their own schedule at the same time.   Here are several sites to get you started in finding your next freelance writing gig.

9. Test Web Sites

I have used services in the past for my job to get feedback on how people perceive certain web sites or to test web sites.   Although there are a number of these services out there, we used presents you with a set of instructions and while you are going through those instructions you are recorded giving real time feedback on your experience.

At my company at the time, we used them to compare our ecommerce web site with our competitors ecommerce web site.   We wanted to know if the journey that our customers were taking through our web site made sense and that the pages provided all the information that the person was looking for to become informed of the products and make a purchase.

We leveraged numerous people as part of this study and paid each one of them $10 – 15 to get their feedback.   The time required is not significant so you can move through a number of these in an hour.

Here are some other web sites that you may want to leverage as well:

10. Virtual Assistant

Let’s face it, being a business owner and entrepreneur affords itself little time to get things done.   This is the case for millions of business owners around the country.   They could use some help, but they don’t necessarily need to provide office space, equipment, office supplies, benefits and everything else.  They just need help and you could be the help that they need.

Being a virtual assistant is just that.   You provide support over the phone, through email and via other methods of electronic communication to help the business owner get things done that they otherwise don’t have time to do.

For example, I reached out to a blog owner to partner with the other day.   I didn’t get the blog owner real time, but I got a quick response from their virtual assistant who gave me immediate feedback and the information I was looking for.    I got what I needed and the owner of the blog didn’t need to connect with me in person because they probably have better things to worry about.   It’s a win win.   The average virtual assistant in the United States can make anywhere between $15 – $50 per hour.

11. Start a Mini Daycare or Become a Nanny

Childcare is a big business ($48 Billion as of 2016).   As more and more families are putting both parents into the workplace, their children need a place to go to be nurtured and educated through out the day.   Although, parents have the option to take their children to full service day care centers a number of parents are opting to seek out private care because their children get more one on one attention and at times it may even be less expensive, especially with families that have more than one child.

If you are interested in becoming a nanny or having a small day care in your home, here are some web sites to help getting clientele.

If you decide to start a small day care for children in your home, be sure to make sure you are adhering to local governmental requirements.

12. Grooming Pets

An acquaintance of ours loves pets and they started a small little grooming shop near us where we take our dog now.   Fortunately, grooming pets does not require a large start up cost and if you wanted you could start it small out of your home and grow from there.

13. Board Pets

Pet owners by the thousands are taking their pets daily to pet day cares while they go to work.   Even if they are not doing that, pet owners still need boarding on occasion when they go away for a weekend or a vacation.   You can earn $30 – $50 per night per dog for providing care for them overnight.   Again, you could start this small in your home and then expand out as your clientele grows.

14. House sitting for Pets and Vacation for Free

House sitting is becoming quite possible as pet owners are leaving their homes behind and taking that much deserved trip or vacation.   As mentioned in a recent post around low cost travel, I mention a web site that you can use to look into these opportunities.  You may not get paid, but you may get a free place to stay in a destination of choice.

15. Become a Pet Walker

People with pets are looking for someone like yourself to come over to their home and spend time with their pets while they are away at work and they will pay you to do it.   You will play with the pets, take them on a walk and feed them if necessary.   If you love pets, this might be your calling.   Rover is a web site that will help you connect up with pet owners in your area.

16. Train Pets

You could be the next Cesar Millan!  If you have a knack with dogs and know how to train puppies, you could use your skills to help others train their dogs.   We paid a trainer around $400 over a period of a number of weeks to train our Mini Goldendoodle and he was great.   He reminded me a lot of Cesar Millan with how he approached things.   In fact, he had so much business that he made dog training his career he loved it so much.

17. Clean Homes

As many work families get more and more busy with work and their children, one of the things that they are outsourcing is the cleaning aspect of their home.   If you are just starting out, placing flyers in mailboxes and posting to Craigslist might be enough to get the word out about your new service to clean homes.    The amount of money you make will vary drastically depending on what market you are in, but on average I would expect somewhere around $20 – $30 an hour.

18. Donate Plasma

Giving life to another person is one of the greatest things you can do, and in the process you can make a little extra cash while doing it.  To find a locate facility where you can donate plasma, visit the web site DonatingPlasma.

19. Donating Poop

This is actually not a joke and is for a legitimate disease fighting purpose and believe it or not, you can make some cash for doing it if it exists in your area.    Be sure to read my recent post on 9 Odd Ways to Make some Extra Money to learn about the details here.  You could make $40 per donation.  I know … kinda gross.

20. Donate Sperm or Eggs

Men can earn anywhere from $50 to $100 whereas woman can earn thousands of dollars in the right conditions for their eggs.   This is mentioned in detail on the post 9 Odd Ways to Make some Extra Money.

21. Mystery Shopping

Companies around the world want you to go undercover into their stores and inform the headquarters of what really goes on day to day.   They will pay you to do it as well.   I have gone on many mystery shops while we were getting ourselves out of debt.   We got free oil changes, free food at restaurants, free products and got paid to do some of these mystery shops.

Be sure to read my recent post on How I Make Money Mystery Shopping.  There are tons of opportunities out there to make some extra cash.

22. Sell Gift Cards You No Longer Need

If you are like me, I have a collection of gift cards that people have given me but I just haven’t found something I need at that particular store.    Well you can always use some extra cash, so web sites have popped up to where you can sell these gift cards and get some cash back on them.   I explain how I use this web site in a recent article 20 Ways to Save Money in your Twenties.

23. Rent a Room In Your Home

If you have extra space in your house, you have the opportunity to invite someone into your home to rent a bedroom and earn some extra passive income.   In a recent article, I talk about several different ways that you can rent things of yours out, but in this article I talk specifically about renting a part of your home out as well.  The post 8 Ways to Rent Your Stuff  takes you through several options.

Just be sure to be safe about it and make some ground rules that the person agrees to on the way in.

24. Rent Yourself

This sounds weird, but there are many people doing it.  Whether you need a friend or a date to the next social event, RentaFriend provides a means to connect you with someone who needs to borrow your presence for a period of time.

25. Rent Your Garage or Driveway

This is especially valuable in major metropolitan areas where space is a luxury or in areas where a home association prevents you from using your driveway for things like RVs.   If you have extra space in your garage or driveway, people will pay you money to keep their stuff secure and off their property.    If you have space for a big RV, the consider advertising this on Craigslist to see if anyone has the need locally.

My parents pay someone all year round to keep one of their Airstreams (A type of Recreational Trailer) off of their property.    It could be because they actually have had up to 3 of them at a time, but whose counting.

26. Day Trading

I have participated in day trading a number of times over the years and have made quite a bit of money.     This requires quite a bit of understanding of business, financials and trading platforms to get started, and oh by the way you need money to make money.   If you can nail it, the income could be huge.

I have seen runs in the stock market to where you could have made $1 Million dollars by trading a number of options in a weeks time.   This requires a lot of understanding and even some luck to hit these scenarios, but it is possible.

If you have over $10,000 to invest, I would recommend looking at Interactive Brokers.  Their fees are some of the lowest in the industry with a trade of stocks costing as little as $1.

27. Affiliate Marketing

If you browse the internet long enough you will unknowingly come across affiliate marketing.    At it’s basic premise, web site 1 wants you to go to web site 2 and if you buy from web site 2, then web site 1 gets a fee kicked back to them for referring the customer in.    This becomes a potentially very lucrative venture if you start your own blog.

You can sign up to be an affiliate directly with the company that you would like to work with or you can use one of the many affiliate marketing platforms like CJ Affiliate (Formerly Commission Junction), which has been out there for years.

28. Become a Notary

A notary is supported by the local government to serve the public as an impartial witness to help prevent fraud when signing various important documents.  For example, if you put together a will which is a legal document that determines what happens to your assets after you die.   This document would be signed by you and would be notarized by a Notary confirming that they witnessed you signing the will on this day and time.   You then get paid a fee for performing that service.

You will need to check with your local government office to see what steps you need to take to become a notary, but there is typically a application process, a one time fee and sometimes you will need to attend a seminar to understand how to go through this process.

The beauty of this is that you can end up charging whatever you want once you become a notary.

29. Become a Photographer

I have several friends who have done this and made a nice little side business for themselves.  I know others who have dived in head first and made it their career.  If you have a good DSLR camera with a few good lens and filters, then the rest is just practice in taking great photos.   Not only can you make money in taking the photos, you can also make money in selling all the various print options for the people who hired you to take the photos.

Weddings are a huge source of business for photographers.  There are weddings happening every weekend in every part of the world.   Each one of those weddings, a photographer is needed to capture that special moment.    We just hired a photographer last year to capture our grandparents 75th wedding anniversary.  It was so amazing to see them make it to that many years of marriage, so we decided we wanted that moment professionally done.   We also hired a photographer on a recent cruise we were on.   Again, well worth the money to capture those moments and that photographer made some money in the process.

Depending on gig, you could make a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars from the event.

30. Become a DJ

With the advancement of technology and the availability of music, you could become a DJ with your laptop and a basic microphone and sound system.    I did a bit of this back in college to make some extra cash on the weekends.   You could make anywhere between $100 – $200 per hour, where some popular DJs make even more money.    If you bring a light show to your gig, perhaps you could charge even more for that.

31. Rent out your Car

If you don’t use your car all the time, you could consider offering it up to be rented on one of the following web sites:

32. Move People Out of their Homes

Do you an your buddy want to get a work out and get paid for it?   We have a local moving service that started out just like this and their name is still 2 men and a truck to this day, but they have grown substantially since then.   You can go down to UHaul and rent a truck for relatively inexpensively on demand.   You can post a few ads on craigslist and the rest is just man power to move furniture from one house to another.

When we made our last move, we paid a company over $1000 to move the contents of a 1100 square foot home.   We had to pack all the items up, that was just for moving the contents for that one day.   Let’s say you were able to do one move per week on the weekend.  That’s $52,000 per year!

33. Become a Bartender

If you like the nightlife and know how to make a drink or two, this might be right up your alley.   In a hopping college town or big city night life you could bring in quite the lucrative cash flow in a night.   Think about it.   If you make a couple hundred drinks in a night and each person tips you a couple dollars, do the math!

34. Become a Waitress or Waiters

This is a pretty easy gig to get.   Just pick a restaurant that you like and go in and apply.   It’s likely that you will be able to find a gig locally pretty easy.   The tips vary by class of restaurant, but you could make anywhere between $15 – $50 an hour depending on the restaurant and city that you reside in.

35. Get your Car Wrapped in Advertising

Do you drive a lot for work?  Then wrapping your car in advertisements might be a great way to make some passive side income.   Companies have found an untapped way to get their word out there and it’s you and your car.    In exchange for plastering their advertising all over your car, they will pay you money to drive to places that you already drive to.

They don’t ask you to change your route so if you have a long drive to work, you will continue to have that long drive, but you will make some extra money now.

Here are a few companies that will pay you

36. Paint Rooms for People

If you like painting interior rooms and are good at it, perhaps offering your skills for hire.   The start up cost here is almost nothing until you get hired.    So get the word out there via Craigslist and a few flyers and you will be well on your way to earning some side money.

37. Sell Your Hair

Believe it or not, you can sell your hair online.   Good quality real human hair is in demand for making wigs and other purposes.   I just ran a calculation for a 12 inch bunch of hair and it came out to be $353 in cash.

38. Do some Chores

People around the country don’t have the time nor the skill to tackle some small projects around the home.  From assembly of new furtniture to mounting that new TV they just bought from Best Buy, people need help and you can profit from it.    Check out Task Rabbit as a way to get some side gigs doing chores.

39. Flip Items found in the trash on Craigslist

I have 2 people I know that do this for side income.  A friend of mine buys expensive purses off of eBay, they clean them up and resell them back on eBay.    It’s actually crazy to think this is possible but I assure you my friend makes a business out of it.

Another acquaintance of mine actually drives around in his truck on trash days and picks up items that people are just tossing.   He says it’s amazing what people throw away these days.   He has made thousands of dollars from stuff that people just considered junk.

40. Provide Lawn Maintenance

I did this while I was growing up.   By the age of 13 I had 3 lawns that I mowed for money.   A friend of mine started out just mowing lawns and now he owns one of the largest landscaping companies in the area.   Remember, each bird takes their baby steps before they can fly.   Start small by just picking up some lawn mowing jobs and you never know where it might lead.

41. Launch your own YouTube Channel

YouTube is not just for your latest funny video of Uncle Bob taking a body slam into the family pool.  It is a major platform for earning cash if done properly.   Here are a list of some of YouTube’s earners.

  • PewDiePie ($12,000,000) – He records himself playing video games on YouTube and has millions of followers.
  • Smosh ($8,500,000) – They started recording stunts in the Pokemon game and now have 5 YouTube channels.
  • Fine Brothers ($8,500,000) – They started recording people reacting to over the top videos on YouTube.
  • Lindsay Stirling ($6,000,000) – She plays the violin and dances.
  • Rhett & Link ($4,500,000) – This dup has a comedy act online.

42. Sell Crafts on Etsy

Etsy is huge for creative people who have the craft of putting something together that is unique and different.  We have a number of neat things in our home that we have purchased from Etsy over the years.

43. Start a Podcast

If you like the idea of broadcasting yourself out to many people and sharing what you are interested and passionate about, then perhaps this is a medium for you.     Here are a few podcasts that have made a splash of earnings:

  • This Week in Tech (Estimates $50k per episode)
  • Shane and Friends ($15,250 per episode)
  • Startalk Radio ($13,725 per episode)

44. Cuddle with Strangers

Yup it’s a real thing.   In a recent post where I talk about 9 Odd ways to make some extra income, I talk about a Jackie Samuel that actually makes cuddling her job and she gets paid for it.

45. Sell Your Breast Milk

Again, as mentioned in the above mentioned blog post, there are companies that you can sell your breast milk to.    As you know, breast milk is a great source of nutrients for humans and to fight certain diseases.

46. Wash Windows

Pretty much every business that you see needs their windows washed on a fairly regular basis.   Some businesses to this themselves obviously, but others contract it out.   You could provide this service to them perhaps at a discounted rate.    All you need to do is ask to speak to the owner or manager, or you can leave a flyer behind.

47. Sell Flowers

If you live in a warmer climate, you could plant dozens of rose bushes, pick them and sell them at a local romantic restaurant in town.

48. Ask for a Raise

I believe that if you work hard for your company they should recognize you for your efforts and make sure you feel valued.    However, some organizations just don’t quite get it and sometimes you have to push them to do the right thing.   I recommend if you take this tactic that you come prepared to showcase why you are worth more than what they are currently paying you.

If it’s a salaried position, be sure to check out in your region to determine what others in your role are getting paid.

49. Work More

I am a big fan of a work life balance, but there are times in life that the balance of working outweighs having more free time to do what you want.    If you current job allows for overtime, see if you can take advantage of this.   There is always the option to get a second job during 2nd or 3rd shift for an extra income source.

50. Get Promoted

People who work hard and prove their value to management over and over again will set the stage for a promotion over time.   Unfortunately with promotions, timing is always at play.   Companies don’t promote people for no good reason.  At times, a role needs to open up or the company is expecting to expand the team.   There are usually events that happen that cause the company to want to promote someone.

However, if a company values you greatly that could be good enough reason to promote you into let’s say a “Senior” level role just to keep you happy in your role.   If you don’t see a promotion in your future, be sure to bring this up to your manager.   If you don’t ask and plant the seed, you may never receive that promotion.

51. Become a Jury Online

You will not make a ton of money for your time, but if you are interested in learning more about trials and the law, this could be a great way to learn and earn a few bucks while you are at it.  Check out eJury and sign up to be selected for this process.

52. Contests and Giveaways

Do you believe that there are people around the country that make this their job?    It’s true.   At any moment of the day, there are thousands of contents and giveaways going on.   At the end of the day, someone has to win them and this is what these folks are banking on.   If you enter enough times statistically you are bound to win a few.   You can win anything from a small amount of cash, free products to an entire house (HGTV gives away a free house every year and you can sign up daily to win).

53. Receive Cash Back from Credit Cards

If you are not taking advantage of some type of rewards on credit cards, then take a look at the cash back credit cards.   At times, you can get as much as 5% cash back on certain purchases.  As long as you stay responsible with your spending and pay off your credit cards every month, this is a great option to make a little extra on the side.

Take a look at one of my past posts that went over how we used rewards to get a free hotel at Walt Disney World.

54. Transcribe Audio to Writing

There are many companies that record audio for phone calls and other purposes, where for legal reasons they want to transcribe those down to words on paper.   Computers are getting better at doing this, but they are not even close to 100% accurate.   If your interested, just search for “Audio Transcription Jobs”.

55. Become a Substitute Teacher

If you love to teach, share knowledge and see others grow in life, then you might consider becoming a substitute teacher to pick up some income on the side.   Most states require you get a license and each state will have different requirements, but if might be worth pursuing.    For example, here is Ohio’s Requirements.  Your state will have their own requirements.

56. Become a Tutor for Children

If you are particularly good in a subject like Math for example, then you could offer up your skills after school to work with kids of all ages that are struggling with their school work.   As a parent myself, you never want to see your child struggling.   If they are, I would be willing to pay to get extra help if it meant them becoming more successful in their school work.   You can partner with your local school, leave them with a flyer and post out on Craigslist.

57. Become a Life Guard

If you are a great strong swimmer, this might be something to consider.    This is not just a summer job either, as communities around the country have indoor pool facilities at Health & Fitness centers, so consider it a year round side hustle.

58. Become a Local Handy Man or Woman

Are you good at fixing leaks in plumbing or patching drywall or putting down new flooring or putting up wall paper or putting up shelves in the closet.   In other words, if you are good with your hands then consider doing fix it type work around your community.   A good way to get started here is to put our a Craigslist ad or put some flyers around the neighborhood with your number on it.

59. Shovel Snow

If you are in a part of the country where snow is a common thing, consider asking your neighbors if they would like their snow plowed.   We had some college students come by our house one year and asked if they could shovel our driveway for a $10 I think it was.   We didn’t have a large driveway at the time so I thought $10 was fair.

60. Sell on Amazon

Did you know you can sell both new and used items on Amazon?   It’s true.   I sold an old Apple laptop on Amazon and surprisingly made more than I thought I would.   Amazon takes a small fee when the item sells and you get the rest.

61. Become a Bookkeeper

There are millions of small businesses around the country that are large enough to have a need for a bookkeeper, but not large enough to hire someone on full time.   This is where you come in.   If you have any higher education training in this space, this could be a great side income helping out local businesses keep their books and their taxes straight.   For years, we used an accountant that this is all she did and she made her own schedule working from her home.

62. Help others Craft an Awesome Resume

At any given time, there are millions of people that are building up their resume in preparation for that next job.   If you have a knack for building your own resume and have been a part of numerous interview processes, you could help others (especially college students) build a better resume to get their foot in the door.   If you have ever been a hiring manager, you are in an even better position to offer this advice because you have been on the other side of the table and know what companies look for on resumes.

63. Become a Recruiter

I have spent a number of years in this field and have to say it can become a very lucrative business if done properly.   You can start out by working for a company that does recruiting for other companies or you can go at it on your own.    At it’s simplest level, you are playing a matchmaker for corporate America.   Your not trying to find your buddy a date, but instead your trying to find him a job.   Companies hire recruiters to find qualified candidates because it’s time consuming to shuffle through dozens, if not hundreds of resumes to find that one person to hire.

Depending on the industry that you are recruiting for, you can earn anywhere between 18% – 35% of the first year’s compensation of the person that you connect up with the company.   Be sure to get a contract in place with the company that you are recruiting for though.

64. Become a Freelancer

Can you do graphic design?  Can you build a web site?   Can you do programming?  Can you write?   Sites like UpWork or Freelancer are on the rise as resources around the world are making themselves available to companies on an hourly basis.   You get to make your own schedule and companies don’t need to hire full time employees to get work done.   It’s a win win.

65. Have a Garage Sale

Every time we end of getting around to having a garage sale, we always end up selling $200 – $300 for the weekend.   I figure that’s not bad for getting rid of more of our stuff we don’t need and turning these unwanted items into cash.      Be sure to put up signs in your neighborhood and consider posting the event for free on Craigslist.

66. Invest your Money

If you have money sitting around not doing anything, you should seriously consider investing it in high performing mutual funds.   Be sure to consult a proper financial adviser.  Typically if you go to a well known investment firm, they should be able to make available an adviser for you to talk through your strategy with your money.

67. Make sure you are Earning top Dollar on Savings

This is not going to make you rich, but make sure if you have money in savings that you are at least earning a decent percentage interest on this money.   As a comparison, Discover will pay you almost 1 % whereas Chase will only pay you .01%.  BIG difference.   Make sure you are getting your fair share.

68. Use Ebates when Shopping Online

This is a super easy way to get some cash back on online purchases that you are going to make anyways.   Check out my post on Ebates.   Sign up via the link on my Ebates post Get Cash Back from Ebates plus a FREE $10 Cash Back for Signing Up and get $10 for free.

69. Use Ibotta when Shopping In Store

This is similar to EBates but used for stuff you are buying in person, like a grocery store. Check out my post on Ibotta.   We use both of these all the time when we buy things every week.   Sign up via the link on our Ibotta review post and receive $10 for free.

70. Use InboxDollars

Get anything from cash to Starbuck gift cards for your time.   InboxDollars is a fun little site where you can earn cash, gift cards and other rewards for completing various tasks for companies.

71. Use Swagbucks

Like InboxDollars, this is another fun program where you can earn swagbucks for doing various tasks and you can turn these swagbucks into gift cards and other rewards.    Get a special promotion when signing up via our link.

72. Peer to Peer Lending/Investing

If you have any level of substantial money sitting around, you could consider lending your money out via Lending Club and earn a higher interest rate (5 – 7%) than a savings account.   There is currently $24 Billion Dollars invested by people like you at Lending Club.

73. Manage Social Media/SEO for Others

If you know anything about leveraging social media for marketing purposes or if you know anything about search engine optimization techniques, you could easily make some extra income on the side managing a businesses social media or SEO tactics.   This is a requirement for any business these days no matter how big or small they are.

My brother actually owns a company that he started from scratch and now employs 20 people where this is all they do.   They are hired by other companies to manage their social media and SEO spend.

74. Become a Personal Trainer

If you are in shape and enjoy working out, then you have an audience of people who would like to learn from your success in health.   You could either partner with an existing gym or offer one on one personal training consulting in the person’s home.   If you end up going to someone’s home, be sure to check the person out before stepping into their home for safety reasons.

75. Become a Coach or a Referee

If you love sports, then this could be your side gig.   Referees get paid for each game they referee so look into your local association for Ref’s to see what might be available.   For coaching, you could partner with local schools of local groups to offer one on one technique coaching.   For parents wishing to have their kids go to pro, they are looking for that extra help on the side to push their kids to the next level.  You could offer your expertise and work with them on a one to one basis.

76. Become a Wedding Planner

Do you love weddings?  Maybe helped a friend get their wedding put together?  Consider yourself a pro now?   There are couples in your area that have no idea where to start and could use someone that can help guide them in making decisions for their wedding.   Once you build up a portfolio of clients that you have successfully helped, you can start charging more for your next set of clientele.

77. Build Web Sites of Site Designs for Businesses

For many people in business, building a web site or designing a web site could be extremely daunting.   If you have any level of experience in building web sites, this could be the gig for you.   In business, EVERYONE needs a web site today.   If you don’t have a web site, people start to wonder about your business legitimacy.       A good place to start is to seek out those businesses that still don’t have a web site and reach out to them directly and offer your services.

78. Interior Designer

Many people around the country have a hard time visualizing what they want.   They have a hard time putting themes and colors together.  They may know what style they want, but have a hard time connecting it all together on their own.   If you have a knack for interior style and follow the trends in the industry, this might be the gig for you.    You could either partner with local trade vendors like furniture stores or flooring vendors.  If I were you,  I might also walk into more expensive neighborhoods and drop off some flyers telling everyone about your services.

This is the perfect side gig to set your own hours.

79. Sell Real Estate

You will need to get a realtor license, but once you have it you could sell real estate on the side with one of the local realtors.  Given that many new home buyers work during the day, this might be a nice side gig for you at nights and on the weekends to make some extra cash.

80. Buy and Sell Domain Names

Believe it or not, there are zillions of domain names that are not sold to anyone yet.   This is empty land waiting for you to build on.   Also, every day there are domain names that were owned by someone else where they let the ownership expire and now they are fair game.   There are people who have made this their full time job.

81. Buy and Sell Web Sites

Don’t have the patience to build a web site from scratch?  Flippa is a web site where you can buy web sites that are already established, build them up further and resell them at a profit.

82. Sell Old Textbooks

Are you in college or recently graduated?   Do you have stacks of textbooks from the classes you just went through.   Consider selling them to get some of your money back.  Just because you are done with school, doesn’t mean those textbooks don’t have value for the students coming in that need to take that class that you just took.    You can either sell them locally at your college book store or Amazon even allows you to sell them online.

83. Sell Recycling Materials

Check your local community for recycling centers.  We have one in our town that will take a number of different materials and you can get cash in exchange for the items.   I have an acquaintance that makes regular trips to this place dropping of wire and aluminum and other materials he picks up from various places and he gets cash in exchange.

84. Get a Local Part Time Gig

SnagaJob is a site where you can find all kinds of short term gigs in your local communities.   Anything from a line cook, truck driver to a police officer.

85. Do Internet Based Research

Leapforce is a company that you can sign up for free to become an agent for them to do internet based research.

86. Data Entry Worker

As mentioned earlier, UpWork is a great resource to get gigs of all sorts.   If you like doing data entry work or various odd job type of data entry, they have oodles of gigs that you can take advantage of.   This is generally done on your schedule when you have time so it’s perfect for a side hustle gig.

87. Babysitting

If you like to hang out with kids and want to make some side money, this gig pays anywhere between $10 – $20 an hour.   Be sure to check out Sittercity or to find your next gig.

88. Craigslist Odd Jobs

Craigslist has a ton of people looking for help for odd jobs.   Be the king or queen of odd jobs and make some side income with Craigslist.  Go out to Craigslist and see if any of them fit your fancy.

89. Put a Bet on your Weight Loss

If you want to loose some weight, this site allows you to put a bet on your weight loss goals and have the potential to win big if you meet your goals.   Check out Healthy Wage and see if this is a fit for you!

90. Sell Your Stuff on Facebook

We do this ALL the time.  In every community across the country there is usually a local group dedicated to buying and selling stuff.   We have over 5,000 members in our local community.   In fact, we redesigning a bedroom for our daughter and no longer need the bunk bed that we have for her.   So I posted it tonight and already have 10 people who are interested in buying it!

91. Deliver Newspapers

Since this job happens before most people get up, this is something that you could still run as a way to make some income on the side.   It just means getting up super early on the days you are meant to deliver.  Contact your local paper to see what opportunities may be available.

92. Energy Drink Promoter

Do you have lots of energy?  Can you get a crowd pumped up?  This might be the job for you.   Energy drinks are big business and they are willing to pay you to show up at big events like concerts and community gatherings to promote their drinks.   A lot times you are essentially just giving away free drinks for the crowd to try and all the time getting paid to do it.  Sound like fun?    Check out Monster and Red Bull Jobs as a starter.

93. Become a Brand Ambassador

What in the world is this?  Well big consumer based companies have large budgets set aside just to continue to infiltrate their brand name (Like Coca Cola) into your every day lives.  At times, they hire people part time to show up at big events and spread the good word about their brand to the masses through contests and free product.

If your interested, I would reach out to temporary staffing agencies and see what they have available or coming up.  Also check out various Facebook groups or even on Craigslist to see what you find.

94. Complete a Crowdfunding Campaign

You have to use your creative skills here, but it is possible to run a campaign and just ask for the money.  You will need to find a good reason for people to give you money, but if you have a good reason give a web site like GoFundMe a try and see where it gets you.

95. Repair Mobile Phones

Broken mobile phones has become a huge business.   I think Apple and Samsung make their mobile incredible fragile knowing that they are going to then sell millions of dollars worth of screens to fix the broken ones.  To much surprise, fixing a broken screen is not too much work and once you know how to do it, you could make quite a profit in fixing screens locally.   We actually had a mobile phone repair place pop up in our neighborhood.  That is the only service they provide, fixing mobile phones.

96. In Home Help for Seniors and the Disabled

If you are the caring type and willing to go the extra mile to help out those who are in need in our community, this one may be for you.   With the advancement of health care, more and more people are living longer these days and are in need of care in their home.   If you are interest in this do a local search of your community to see what organizations you can partner with to help those in need.

97. Logo Design

Have you had any experience with graphic design?   Are you good at laying out a logo.   There are many sites where you can connect up with someone who needs their next big company logo designed.   Fivver is a community where you can sell your services starting at $5.   If nothing else, it’s pretty entertaining what you can buy for $5.   I actually found a big guy on there that was willing to dress up like a cupid to sing a special message to my valentine on Valentine’s Day via video recording.  $5  #Hilarious  #Priceless

98. Direct Sales & Sample Parties

Have you ever been approached to do a Pampered Chef Party or a Candle Party or a Jewelry Party or the list goes on and on?   You might be surprised that if you really dedicate yourself to one of these brands you can actually make a killing over time.   I have an Aunt that has been in Pampered Chef for the greater part of that last couple decades and she has gone on numerous free trips and supported her family on the income it has made over the years.   So the next time someone approaches you to go to a party, maybe ask them how they got into the business.

99. Work in Retail

Especially during the holidays, retailers are always looking for extra help.   Pick your favorite store of choice and march in there and ask for an application for employment.   Generally with Retail, you can work evenings and weekends as a way to make some income on the side.

100. Make Wedding Cakes or CupCakes

Do you like baking?  Have you ever professionally decorated a cake before?   Wedding cakes are super expensive and brides are looking for ways to slim the budget in areas like this.  Do I spend more money on my dress that I will have forever or the cake that people are going to see for a few hours and then devour.  With baking cakes and cupcakes at home, you are sure to beat the prices are full scale bake shops locally.   Be sure check into any local health inspection laws that you would need to abide by before diving head first into this.  Once all that is checked off, most local cities have bridal events multiple times a year that you can attend and sign people up for your new cake service.

101. Start a Successful Blog

For the Hundredth and One way to make some extra money, I am going to reiterate what I mentioned for the #1 item on my list.   Starting a blog may be one of the coolest ways to make some passive side income.   It allows you to completely make your own schedule and put as little or as much work as you want into it.   As mentioned earlier, if done right you can make a killing with your own blog.   If your interested, I have a post that will walk you through step by step on setting a blog up.  As always, feel free to ask any questions and I will get them answered.

The End – In Summary

WOW! You probably thought Drew I am never going to make it to the end of this blog post.   What an epic list huh?    This just goes to show you that there are TONS of opportunities out there to make some extra income on the side.  All it takes is a little bit of focus in one direction and applying yourself to the task at hand.

Pick one of these items and just run with it!   You will be glad when the cash starts flowing in.

What other ways have you spent your time making extra money?  What are some of your ideas?


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