How I Make Money Mystery Shopping


How I Make Money Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a fun way to get paid or even get things for free just by giving your opinion of the service that you have received.

I have received free oil changes, free meals when going out to restaurants and checks in the mail just for my time.

Here is how it works…   Have you ever seen the show Undercover Boss?   If you haven’t it’s a show where one of the executives of the company changes their image and goes undercover into one of their stores or restaurants to see what REALLY goes on when no one is looking.

They act like they are just an average worker and they observe what is going on within the store or restaurant.   This is when things get interesting because it’s then when the employees usually let their guard down and you get to see how the regular customers are treated.

Mystery shopping is the same thing.   You are hired by the company to go undercover to see what really happens in the establishment.   Are the bathrooms clean?    Is the wait staff friendly and prompt?   Did the staff offer you the special or not?

This allows the company to get real feedback on how their training programs are working, how their managers are managing their staff and how their people are holding to the values of the organization.

At the end of the day, you get paid for your time to give your feedback on your experience.

One of the companies that I have used in the past has been Bestmark.  Bestmark has been out there since the 1980’s and is one of the nation’s largest customer experience measurement companies.   Corporations go to Bestmark to leverage their network of people like you and me to get feedback on how they are doing in the real world.

You aren’t going to get rich from this method of extra income, but you could make a couple hundred extra dollars each month by partaking in some Mystery Shopping experiences of your own.  It could be one of your many side hustles that you put into action.

Here are some Mystery Shops that I have done:

  • Restaurants – You can get anywhere from $30 or your entire meal for free for 2 people.   This includes appetizer, dinner and dessert.  They want you to experience the entire experience of course!   Was the appetizer prompt and hot?   Was the dessert complete perfection and delicious?
  • Oil Changes – I have received a free oil change a number of times.  Companies want to make sure the shops are recommending the right services for your vehicle and trying to up sell you?   Are they prompt and friendly?  Did you have to wait long?
  • Retail Stores – Did a salesperson greet you?   Did they tell you about their specials that they are currently running?   Did they follow up with you after you had been in the store for a period of time?   You usually get paid with a check on these shops.   Sometimes they pay you and other times you get free products.
  • Car Dealers – Some of these just require you to make a phone call to the dealership.   Others, you have to go in and act as if you want to buy a car from them.   Either way, they pay you money to do these as well.

Here are some other businesses that you can secret shop through Bestmark:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Banks
  • Casinos
  • Healthcare
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hotels

Let us know what you are getting paid to secret shop!  Post your comments below!

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