13 Online Survey Sites that will Pay You Extra Money


13 Online Survey Sites that will Pay You Extra Money

If you have some time to spare and you like giving your opinion on topics, then taking surveys for money might be something to consider to earn some extra money.   There are a number of sites out there that you can sign up to and they will contact you when they have a survey that might make sense for you.

Sometimes they let a lot of people in to take the surveys and other times they are looking for someone with a very specific situation.   About a month ago, I was contacted for a research project where I participated with a group of 24 participants where we cataloged our work life by answering questions and taking pictures of our work environment.

It was kind of a neat project because you also got to see what other people’s thoughts were and what their work environment was like.   They paid me a check one week later for $500.   The study probably took me 5 hours total to complete over a period of a couple weeks, so it wasn’t 5 minutes but certainly well worth it none the less.

Now $500 is not the norm, so don’t expect that on a regular basis.   However, I must have met exactly what they were looking for and they felt $500 would do it.   I will do a lot of things for $500 cash let me tell you!

So here are a couple rules when you are out looking for survey companies.

Not all online survey companies are legit

If the offer sounds too good to be true, it might not be what you think.    I actually kinda thought that the $500 survey was not legit at first, but after I did some investigation they completely checked out my suspicious meter.

Make sure you understand what your getting paid

Some survey companies give out points that can be redeemed for other things like cash.   Be sure you understand what you are getting for your time.   Make sure it’s worth your time to participate before diving into just taking any survey.

Always be honest when taking pre-surveys

A lot of times these survey companies are looking for a specific segment of the population.   Be honest with who you are.     If you don’t make a six figure income, then don’t list it as such.   You never know, they might be looking for someone that only makes $20,000 or less on that particular day.    Honestly will always be the right pathway.

Do not pay an upfront fee

You should not have to pay any upfront fee to get into their database or take a survey.  Run fast if a survey company asks for money up front.

Do you remember signing up to the survey companies site?

Make sure the survey company asking for information is a web site that you actually signed up to in the past.    If not, then the site may be someone just trying to get your information.  Don’t share it!

Last Rule:  Sign up to as many as these that you can!

The more you sign up for, the more opportunities that you will have to take the surveys.   Simple as that!  Now go sign up for some of these survey companies and see what kind of extra side hustle money you get make.

Let me know if you find other survey companies that you think are good to add to this list.   Add them into the comments below and I will include them for others to see.

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