8 Ways to Rent Your Stuff and Make Extra Income on the Side


8 Ways to Rent Your Stuff and Make Extra Income on the Side

There are many ways you can make money, but this way is by using things that you already have at your disposal and just letting others rent them from you.   You just need to think creatively.

If you need money to pay off bills, take that vacation that you have been wanting to take for awhile or just save up some more money for the future, renting things is an option that you explore.

Some of these options to rent things is not for everyone, but it just shows you how you can get creative if you are determined to make some extra cash on the side.

Here is my list of 7 ways to make some extra money on the side by renting things:

Rent a Friend to make money

I have blogged about this one in the past, but I just think it’s an interesting way to go about it.   You can actually rent yourself to others and it’s not quite what it sounds like.

Rent a Friend is a web site where you can place a profile online for others to connect with you.    This is a “friendship” only site if you know what I mean.   So people are just looking for friends to perhaps go to a party with or socialize with or help them out with a task.

It’s a way that you can make a few extra dollars on the side and help someone out while you are doing it.  It’s a win win for all.

Rent Party Supplies to make money

The good thing about this industry is that you generally only need the item for one day.    So people don’t generally go out and buy these things, they rent them.

If you happen to have some of these items from a recent event where you went out and bought the items, then consider listing them on Craigslist or other means to get the word out that you have these items to rent to others.

If you get serious about it, you could go out and buy some extra things with the anticipation to rent them out.   For example, there are plenty of small time sole proprietors who have a tent, chairs and tables for events like a birthday, graduation party, anniversary party or small wedding reception.

They will bring the tent, tables and chairs to your home and charge you a fee for the rental.   After just a few rentals, you will have essentially paid for the items that you bought.   After that, it’s pure profit and your time.

Rent Your Money to make money

There are a number of sites around the internet that have been popping up where you can essentially let others borrow your money and you make interest on the money while the person or company pays back the loan.

There is a level of risk to this type of renting, but with any risk there is a greater reward at the end of the process.

Rent a Room in your Home to make money

We have done this twice!  This is much easier done with someone you already know in one way shape or form, but there are always people that are looking for a place to call home.  This is especially effective in big cities like New York where rent is super expensive.

If you have a couple rooms in your place, but your only using one of them, consider renting a room out to someone you can trust and make some extra side money.

Rent your Bathroom out to others to make money

Ok, so this one lands in the odd category.   Just like AirBNB, someone has taken the time to build AirPNP.   You say Drew, what is different about AirPNP.   Well I will tell you!    You can rent the use of your bathroom out to others that just happen to be passing by.

If your in for a good laugh, feel free to check out some of the profiles online and see what others are charging for the luxury of doing your business on someone else’s pot.   What will they think of next?!?

Rent your Driveway, Garage or Parking Spot to make money

So my parents pay money to someone to park their RV on their property all year long.   The reason is because they have too many of them to fit at their house, so it’s not the reason that you would think.

However, there are LOTS of neighborhoods around the country where parking an RV or trailer on the property is strictly prohibited.   So if you happen to have some driveway space or area on your property that a RV could sit on and your neighbors or cool with it, see if you can find someone through Craigslist or other means that needs to store their RV or trailer through out the year.

Your garage works the same way.   Rent it out for storage of a vintage car or just stuff.

If you happen to be in a big city and you don’t always need your parking spot (Maybe you work from home a lot), maybe you could make a deal with a co-worker to rent out your spot for the time that you are not using it.

Rent your Car to make money

At our homestead, we actually have 3 cars.  One is a business car and 2 personal cars.    We actually don’t need three cars so there are a number of sites online where you can list your car for use by others.

This is extremely effective in bigger cities where owning a car is perhaps not always ideal or for those that are traveling into cities where you could just take a cab or Uber but the cost of renting someone’s car could be more cost effective.

Here are a few sites to visit if you are interested in renting out your car:

Rent your Driving Abilities to make money

With the onset of Uber and Lyft, a whole new opportunity has been opened up to anyone with a decent car and time on their hands to drive people around.   This is all driven through the mobile app that functions as your place of business.

People use the Uber or Lyft app to locate a ride close by and if you are the one close by you can come claim the transportation for the person and make a fee.   Companies like Uber and Lyft are also beginning to offer delivery services.  So it doesn’t even need to be a human that you are transporting.  It could be some type of good or package.

What else have you rented that you were able to make money with?  Leave some thoughts in the comments for all.

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