Here’s my 26 Week Challenge to Save $1001 in Cash


Here’s my 26 Week Challenge to Save $1001 in Cash

Ok, so a few days ago I posted my $20 challenge to save money.   This is my personal way that I save money through out the year for big ticket items and our emergency fund, as disclosed in my recent blog post Don’t Budget Your Money, “Bucket” Your Money.   I challenge you to do the same.

On the same note, I wanted to showcase another challenge if the $20 challenge wasn’t aggressive enough for you.   You don’t want to run the 5k, your a marathon runner.   Ok well let’s take it up a notch.   How about we save the same amount of money as you were doing in the $20 challenge, but let’s do it in half the time with this fun little exercise!

Instead of 52 weeks to save $1000, we will do the same thing in 26 weeks and here is how.

We will start by depositing $26 into an account in week one.   For each following week, we will add a whopping $1 to the deposit amount each week until we reach our 26 week mark.   At 26 weeks, you will have collected over $1000.   Pretty amazing huh?

This is a fun way to up your game each week as you progress to your goal at week 26 of $1001.    It’s just another way to keep things fun and interesting as you make it to your goal.

What other challenges do you like to partake in as you make it to your savings goals?

Please share what has worked for you!

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