How to Start A Blog in 4 Simple Steps and Earn Extra Income


How to Start A Blog in 4 Simple Steps and Earn Extra Income

I made the decision to start my own blog because I was inspired by a particular blogger who had built their own blog over the years and now travels full time as a blogger.  They had blogged their way out of a job and into their own business as a blogger that is able to completely support them as a family and more financially.

At a very simple level, this sounded really appealing to me.   In addition, there were some other reasons that I had an interest in blogging:

  • Writing for me is relaxing and enjoyable
  • I love the idea of meeting like minded people from around the world through this medium
  • The topic area that I chose for my blog I have a deep passion and interest in (Personal Finance, Travel, Budgeting, Saving Money, Investing and more)
  • Goal Setting
  • Satisfaction of Achievement
  • Learning New Technology & Techniques
  • Extra Financial Income

So off I went into the blogosphere (Which is really a thing – Look it up) and kick started my own blog

Can I make money with my own blog?  

Absolutely!  You can make as little and as much as you want!   You just have to put in the effort and it will come.   Here are a few bloggers who started small and are now making a fortune:

  • John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur on Fire) $595,936 in a month!
  • Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) $176,649.93 in a month!
  • Pinch of Yum $95,197.34 in a month!

Most people don’t make those figures in a year and these people are making that in a month.

So I share with you the simply steps to get yourself into your very own blog.  Just like these people did.   Here are the steps.   Be sure to follow them closely.

Step 1 – Find a Blog Topic that you are Passionate About

I must say that before you do anything, you must spend some time to think about what you are actually going to blog about.  You must have a main set of topics that you would like to build your little world around, a focus area.   If you don’t have a focus area, you will find it difficult to keep your followers listening to what you have to say and focused in on what your blog is even about.

For me this was personal finance, budget tips, investing, travel, paying off debt, extra income, retirement and other related topics.  I went through pain and back in attempting to pay off $75,000 + credit card debt and was successful in doing so.   It was extremely painful and challenging along the way, but I never went bankrupt and kept plugging away until every cent was paid off.

I vowed to never again get into debt like I had and share a passion for others that are looking to get out of debt and win their part of the American Dream.   So this all made sense to me.  I had to share what I had learned over the years so that others could benefit from what I had.

You need to find what your passionate about.   If you are not passionate about it, you will not likely put the work into making it successful.

Step 2 – Register a Domain Name

Once you have your topic that you would like to tackle for your blog, then you need a domain name.   My domain name is “”.   You to think of one that fits your blog topic like the one I have fits my topic area (To some extent).

If you are struggling to come up with a good domain name for your blog, there are domain name generators out on the internet like NameMesh that could come in handy in helping to identify your next awesome blog web site.

Once you settled in on a few good domain names, then move on to Step 3.   Step three will walk you through both buying/registering this domain name and provisioning the web hosting that you will need for your wordpress blog.   Don’t buy your domain ahead of time at a GoDaddy or a register like that because you will be able to get it for free with the next step.

Step 3 – Provision WordPress Web Hosting

There are a few important points to make here.   While you could just go over to, or one of the other free blogging sites, I highly recommend you don’t go that route for a couple really important reasons.

  • You have limited control over these blogging sites since they are hosted by the company/group that builds the software.
  • Not all plugins can be placed into these platforms.
  • Customization is more limited.
  • It’s been proven that sites with their own domain on their own IP address hold more weight with the search engines.
  • What if one of these platforms goes out of business in the future?  Your business is hosed.
  • You have a greater control over the performance of your site if you host it yourself in a more dedicated environment.  This is important for search engine optimization (AKA Google).
  • And other reasons that you will soon see..

You want a dedicated instance of WordPress on your own hosted hosting provider.

A relatively inexpensive option that I would recommend would be Blue Host.   They are the #1 most recommended hosting provider for bloggers around the world and thousands of bloggers use this hosting provider to call home.  They host over 2 million web sites so trust me they are the pros when it comes to this.

The plans start as low as $3.95 per month and will install WordPress for you.  They also provide 24/7 support which is worth the money you will pay in itself.   If you need help, they will be there for you.

The basic plan is probably sufficient to start.  They even give email accounts that you will need to respond to all of your readers when you get your blog up and running.   Here is the sign up link for Bluehost.   This will be more than enough the get you started.

After you select your option that you would like, this is where you get to pick your new free and included domain name to tie to your account automatically.

Just pick the domain that you decided on in Step 2 and click next.

The next step you will walk through:

  • Submitting your contact details
  • Finalizing details on the package you selected
  • Entering your payment details

That’s it!

Step 4 – Install WordPress on your New Web Site at Bluehost

The beauty of WordPress is that it’s the most popular blogging software in the world and it’s completely free for you to use.   Yeah!  Bluehost also makes it SUPER SIMPLE to install WordPress on your hosting account.

You should be receiving an email from Bluehost with all your details of accessing your hosting account.   They will also provide a link to your cPanel, which is mission control for your new site.    When you get into your cPanel, be sure to follow these short steps to install WordPress.

  • Navigate to “MOJO Marketplace”
  • Click “One Click Install”
  • Click the WordPress icon under “Blogs”
  • Click the “Start” button to begin the install
  • You will be asked what domain that you would like to use.  Be sure to select the one you just registered.
  • Under “Advanced Options” you should choose a username and password that you will use to login to your WordPress site.  You must create a secure login and password.  Don’t settle with the defaults.
  • Under “Advanced Options” you will also want to be sure to select “Automatically create a new database for this installation”.
  • Click “Install Now”
  • Don’t forget to write down your new user name and passsword.   Without it, you will not be able to access your WordPress admin.

It’s really that simple.   If you run into any troubles, Bluehost is there to help you 24/7.

If you reached this far, you are well on your way of becoming a blogger that with time and determination can make a living at blogging on the internet if that is your desire.

First things first.   When you get WordPress, here is a list of things that you will want to tackle.

Write your first blog post

You made it this far.   You will want to get right to writing your very first blog post.   This is your change to explain yourself and what your vision of your blog will become.   It often becomes one of your most interesting posts because it shows where you came from years from now.

Change the appearance and theme

The out of the box theme is OK, but it’s likely you will want to customize your own look at feel and choose a theme that more closely fits your topic area of your blog.   There are both free and purchase options for themes that people have developed for the platform.   Be sure to pick one that makes you unique and describes you.

Plug in a mail list on your Blog

I use MailChimp because it’s very popular, works quite well and up to 2000 subscribers it’s free and I love the word free.    You can find this in the plugins.

That should get you up and running for now.   If you would like me to answer any of your questions, please leave a comment below and I would be happy to respond to anything you need help with.

What advice would you like to share in starting a new blog?


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