25 Awesome Freebies You Should Be Getting Now


25 Awesome Freebies You Should Be Getting Now

I love freebies no matter how big or small they may be.    It’s that moment in time where you prove to all those people that told you that nothing in this world is free.

As a matter of fact,  I was just in Starbucks today and they were giving away free Christmas chocolates.   There was a big box of them that said take 1 or 3.   I’m a sucker for chocolate, so I chose the second option and grabbed three of them.

Anyways, let’s get back to your freebies!  A lot of these freebies are related to celebrating your birthday.   There are plenty of companies that are willing to step up and truly honor your birth into this world in style.   Whether that be a free coffee or a free piece of cake, these companies will deliver if they know it’s your birthday.

In order to be on the birthday freebie list, you will need to be prepared to be on their mailing list, but I look at that as a small sacrifice to be showered with all these freebies.

Below you will find an extensive list of companies that are willing to show you some love with some freebies on them.

Applebees – Get a free treat served up on your birthday at applebee’s.   Sign Up Here

Auntie Anne’s – Get a free pretzel after your first purchase and then a free pretzel after every $30 you spend.  Sign Up Here

A&W – Join the mug club and score yourself a free root beer float on your next birthday.  Sign Up Here

Bare Minerals – Receive a free birthday gift for signing up.  Sign Up Here

Baskin Robbins – Sign up for their email list and they will give you free ice cream on your birthday.  Sign Up Here

CVS – Join the CVS Beauty club and get free dollar rewards on your birthday.  Sign Up Here

Dairy Queen – Get a buy one get one blizzard for signing up and extra special coupons on your birthday.  Sign Up Here

Denny’s – This has been a long running tradition dating back to high school, where you can just drop in to your local Denny’s, show them your ID and you have a free Grand Slam breakfast on your way for free.

Dunkin Donuts – Get a free drink for enrolling and a free drink on your birthday.  Sign Up Here

Einstein Bros Bagels – Get a free bagel for signing up and a free egg sandwich on your birthday.  Sign Up Here

Firehouse Subs – This a great sub place run by former firemen.   Get a free medium sub on your birthday.  Sign Up Here

First Watch – This a great place to go for breakfast or lunch.  Healthy Fresh Eats!  Get their buy one get one deal for signing up plus some extras for your birthday.  Sign Up Here

Houlihans – This fine dining establishment will give you a free meal on your birthday.   $10 off just for joining and other swag they say.  Sign Up Here

IHOP – Just for signing up you will have free meals in store for you, plus a free meal on your birthday.   Sign Up Here

Jamba Juice – Free birthday smoothie and $3 off your first visit just for joining.  Sign Up Here

Krispy Kreme – Get a free donut for your birthday for signing up.  Sign Up Here

Maggiano’s – Love this family style served Italian  style restaurant.   Sign up for the mailing list and get $10 off your next visit.  Sign Up Here

Old Navy – Sign up and get a sizable 30% discount off your next purchase and more discounts on your birthday.  Sign Up Here

Panera – Get some tasty rewards from Panera.  Sign Up Here

P.F. Chang’s – Get a free dessert or appetizer on your birthday month.  Sign Up Here

Red Box – Sign up and receive free rentals.  Sign Up Here

Red Robin – Get a free burger on your birthday and free food.  Sign Up Now

Sephora – Free birthday gift for signing up.  Sign Up Here

Starbucks – Free drink on your birthday.  Sign Up Here

World Martet – Love world market, reminds me of all the travel we do now that we are out of debt.   Free surprise on your birthday for signing up.  Sign Up Here

What other great freebies are you taking advantage of out there?

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