10 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Breaking the Bank


10 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Breaking the Bank

The worst thing that you can do in personal finance is to restrict yourself to such an extent that you life is not fun any more.   You have to celebrate your successes, even if they are not spending loads of money to do so.   You have worked hard to balance the budget and stay frugal, but as you reach goals it’s certainly not a bad thing to go out and treat yourself as well.

You don’t have to break the budget doing so and here is how.

Here are 10 ways to treat yourself without breaking the bank and going broke.

1. Have a movie night and pop yourself some popcorn at home

You already pay the $7.99 a month for a subscription to Netflix.   Take a pause from life and budgeting and go pop yourself some microwaveable popcorn and curl up and watch a movie for the night.   It’s time to set aside all those priorities in life because you have worked hard this week to just enjoy yourself.

The best part about it is that you don’t have to spend any money to do it.  Well except if you don’t already have some microwaveable popcorn at home.

2. Take a relaxing bath

Although I don’t do it as often as I should, this is a must to treat yourself and even relieve some of that built up stress from the day.   You’ve made it through your work and you just want to relax and wind down from the day.

My favorite thing that I do is get a bag of scented epsom to throw into the buddle bath.   It helps to sooth those tense muscles from the day.

3. Visit a Library

If you like to read, this is the place for you.   First of all it’s quiet, where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of every day.  Second, they have a wealth of wonderful reading that you can leverage all for free.

There is nothing better than getting your favorite book and curling up under a warm cover on a comfy sofa.

4. Take a Day Off from Work

According to US News & Report, 55 % of American workers leave some type of unused vacation on the table.     The estimate of unused vacation days is unbelievable.   They estimate that Americans leave approximately 658 million vacations each year.

If this isn’t enough reason in itself, I don’t know what is.

Take a unexpected day off work and do whatever you decide to do that day.   Don’t think about work, but rather think about yourself.   There is nothing better than having an entire day to do whatever I want to do.

5. Visit a local free museum or zoo

There are a number of free art museums in my city that are 100% free.   Even some zoos in some cities through out the country are also free.     One of the best weekend trips our family took was to Washington DC because all of the federal sponsored museums are 100% free of charge.    In the summer there are numerous festivals that you can partake in free concerts and fun.

In Ohio, we have a festivals web site that I monitor almost weekly to see what kind of free fun we could be up for.  Your state likely has listings on their local festivals as well.

6. Go Outside

We always tell our kids to go outside and play, but there are plenty of things to do as adults as well.    In our local area, we have famous tow path that was used back in the 1800’s to tow the boats down the canal.   Now the tow path is a really nice hike and bike pathway that goes for miles and miles.   Not only do you get some fresh air, but you get some exercise as well.

If you have dogs, go take them on a walk.  Go fishing or camping.    Build a bonfire and invite friends over.  For some reason, I love just to go out in the backyard in a chair or blanket and just stare up at the night sky and watch the stars.

There are plenty of organized groups out there to participate in.  Do you like hiking?  Then join the local hiking group.   You just might make some new friends while you are at it.

7. Take a Nap

With your mind going a mile a minute, this one might be hard for you as it is me.   However, I love naps!  There is nothing better than to shut out the world and curl up with your favorite warm blanket and enjoy some day time California dreaming.

Not only does it give you rest, but it also will go a long way in reducing your stress and kick starting you back into the crazy world.

8. Make a favorite meal or dessert

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but if there is one dish or dessert that just sends your taste buds through the roof, then take the time to make it for yourself.

I personally select the dessert route if given the choice!   Chocolate specifically!

9. Go on a Stayvacation

Don’t have the funds to take a tour around the world?   That’s OK.  Take the time away from work anyways and just break away from the world for a moment.   Go camping or take a long hike, or just stay home and get yourself organized and slow life down for awhile.

I have done this numerous times and just disconnect for awhile from everything.   It helps to charge the batteries and get you ready to take on the next goal.

10. Get an adult coloring book

We got a few of these for Christmas this past year and we love them!   If you get the right kind of thing markers, you can spend hours bringing out your most creative side.

Here are some best selling adult coloring books on Amazon.   I definitely recommend that you consider getting the fine line pens or the colored pencils because they make coloring a lot easier for me personally.


What are some of the ways that you like to treat yourself?


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