Minimalism – Live with less and enjoy life more


Minimalism – Live with less and enjoy life more

It’s took me building a big life with a big house and a big family to realize what’s important in life.   I’m here to tell you that bigger is not better and more doesn’t make you happier.    As they say, money is not everything.   However, you will not hear me say that money is not important.

Money provides food on the table and it puts clothes on your back and a roof over your head.  Money is incredibly important so don’t confuse priorities when you hear people say that money is not everything.  What I hope people mean when they say this is that you shouldn’t prioritize making an extra buck over spending some quality time with an old friend.   Money can’t buy a quality friendship.

I write this article today while I sit in a 3000+ square foot home so mind you we haven’t converted fully to a minimalist lifestyle, but what we continue to do is head in that direction.   It took moving into this house to realize the power you can get in moving toward a minimal lifestyle.   I found that having more and having lots of stuff is stressful.

We have 6 bathrooms in this house.   When we bought the house, we thought cool 6 bathrooms and 5 people (2 Adults and 3 Kids).  Everyone can have their own bathroom.   Well that got old real quick when we had to figure out a way to clean 6 bathrooms.   We have more storage, great we will have plenty of space to store all our stuff.   What we found was that we just gathered more things we don’t need to store.       We have a dining room, a family room, an art room, an office, a theater room, 5 bedrooms, etc., etc.   Plenty of space right?   Well each one of those rooms need swept and dusted.

To make a long story short, we found out over time that we needed to purge back to a more simple life.  We don’t need all this stuff.   If we haven’t used it in the last year, it gets purged.   By adopting this state of mind, we end up buying less and saving more money.

Here is how minimalism thinking has changed my life:

  • If we haven’t used something in the past year, it automatically gets donated
  • If we purge things we don’t need, we live in much less clutter
  • If you have kids, they have less things to create clutter with
  • If you are not buying things you don’t need, you end up saving more money
  • If you don’t have all these things, you spend less time and money on cleaning, maintenance and repairs
  • If you don’t have all these things, you can find the things that are important to you quicker
  • If you don’t have all these things, you can be better organized and less stressed
  • If you are spending less money on your stuff, you can spend more money on life experiences & travel
  • If you are spending less time on keeping up with your stuff, you can spend more time on life experiences & travel

There was a point in our lives, where we had not one but two 10 x 10 foot storage units stuffed to the gills with our stuff.   This was only due to the fact that we couldn’t fit all this stuff in our tiny house that we used to have.   This stuff owned us, rather than us owning that stuff.   And it cost money every month just for the privilege of owning the stuff.

You don’t need much as a minimalist

I think when you are just starting out you tend to hold on to things.   I mean it take you some time to earn the money to buy the thing and perhaps you wouldn’t be able to get another one for some time.  You might need that thing in the future, so you hold on to it.

I look at things differently now.   I look for reasons to get rid of things.   If I don’t have an immediate use for and item, it get’s donated.   That is one less thing I need to worry about in life and that personally leads to less stress.

You may not realize the effects, but the things you have may be weighing you down in life and you may not even realize it.   You might even feel stressed about parting ways with these things that you don’t need, but it’s OK.   You will feel much better in life once those items are gone and you can focus on only the items that you absolutely need.

I spend less money living with less stuff

When you adopt this lifestyle, you make conscious choices about items that you buy.   You think about if you truly need this item and the space that it will take up if you purchase the item.   I find myself just not buying the item because of this and at the end of the day spending less money.

I don’t need things to make me happy

What I do need is my family, my friends, my music (Spotify to be specific), my internet connection and a computer.   Everything else is just is open for discussion.   Over the next year I have made a pack with myself to donate more than I ever have before and to get down to the bare minimum in life.   I don’t want to be weighted down anymore with things, but rather fill my life with experiences.

It’s those experiences in life that make me happy, not things.

Minimalism living gives me more time

Over the last year we have given away around 100 boxes and bags of things to Good Will.      A lot of which was shoved in closets, basements, the garage and other places that I need to continue to organize, maintain it, repair it, clean it, and so on.   Now that all those things are gone, I have more time to spend on things that are rewarding to me.

I am making a goal with myself to find even more things this year to give away.   On top of freeing yourself of these things, you also help out local organizations like Goodwill for those that could really use these items that are taking up space.

Free your spirit and get rid of your unneeded things…

Do you think you could live a minimalist life?   What would you need to do to get there and how would it change you?


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