11 Places to Make Money by Selling Your Stuff


11 Places to Make Money by Selling Your Stuff

For whatever reason, we seem to collect stuff in our home over a period of time.    It just seems to happen naturally over time where we just have too much stuff, stuff we just don’t need really.  It’s taking up valuable space and gets in the way.  Not to mention, sometimes you just feel overwhelmed by all the stuff around you.     So every once in awhile I go on a rampage to just clear the clutter.

Some of the items, we just end up donating to Goodwill locally.  On the other hand, there are plenty of ways to make some extra cash by selling your items to other people.   You might be surprised on what you can make and what people might be interested in.   You have to keep in mind that not everyone in this world is at your point in your life and they may just need the item that you have longed passed over.

Here are 11 ways to clear the clutter and make some extra money:


If you live in a half way descent sized town or city, you should have local facebook groups that are dedicated to selling and trading locally.   We have several in our area that have thousands of people in the group ready and willing to take that item you have off your hands.   Normally those buying from you will meet you at your front door or if you don’t feel safe doing that, you can arrange to meet at a public place.   I have sold many items on Facebook very quickly through this means.    You generally have to set a specific price and take the first person interested in line.


Amazon has become one of the largest marketplaces in the world.   Did you know you can sell all kinds of items on here?   I sold an older Apple laptop on Amazon and got more money for it than I think I could have got anywhere else.   I was very much surprised the price I got for it.  You can sell anything from books to electronics to other random things both new and used.  Amazon will charge you a fee to sell on their platform.   You do have to also keep in mind that you will need to ship your item pretty quickly when it is sold.  Amazon has high expectations of you when you sell items on their platform.


Most people know that this web site has been around since the 90’s and it really hasn’t change a whole lot.   Quite frankly I don’t know why people still go to it, but they clearly do because you can sell anything on here too quickly.   My parents are into Airstreams.  Do you know what an Airstream is?   It’s one of those rounded silver trailers that you see heading down the highway every once in awhile.   My parents had three of them up until late last year when I sold 2 of them very quickly on Craigslist at full asking price.          It was December and winter was upon us in Ohio, so we didn’t think we would get too much traction.  The next thing we know, my parents are getting calls left and right.  Within a few days the first one was sold and within 2 weeks the second one was sold.   Craigslist is free.

Gift Card Granny

I love this sites name.  What better to visualize than a granny that buys back your gift cards from you.  That’s a cool granny I must say!   Gift Card Granny is a service that will actually buy unused gift cards back from you, up to 93.4% of their original value.  I don’t know about you but I seem to collect gift cards over the year.   I throw them up in our cabinet where we store our gift cards and I keep forgetting that they are up there.     Are they better collecting dust up in the cabinet or being converted to cash into your pocket?  That’s what you need to ask yourself.


Do you have tickets to a concert or game that you can’t make it to?   I have done this a number of times where I find out later I can’t make it.   Stubhub is a great place to list the tickets and sell them to someone else that can make the date.


If you have some electronic devices to sell, NextWorth might be your place to list your items.   They specialize in electronic gadgets of all shapes and sizes.  Want to sell your iPhone 6 so that you can pickup a iPhone 7.   Give this place a shot to unload all those electronics that you don’t need any more and get back cash.


So have you ever bought a Groupon that was a great deal, but find out later that you can’t use it for some reason?   CoupRecoup is a site where you can list the Groupon’s, Living Social deals, Tipper and other Groupon like sites and get some cash back on those deals that you just are not going to use.


This one comes without much explanation. eBay is the grand daddy of online auction and selling sites.   You make a listing on their site and pay a fee.    Most likely the person you are selling to will be across the country, so you will need to be prepared to ship the item once it has sold.


Ever see Hardcore Pawn or Pawn Stars on TV.   Well I will tell you that’s it not quite like how you see it on TV, but you can still buy and sell and make some cash by going this route.   I visited the Hardcore Pawn store last year while I was visiting Detroit.   I will tell you that this place is one scary place.   It’s not in a great location and I did not feel safe walking into the place.  I will tell you that sometimes Pawn shops are not located in the best of neighborhoods, so just keep that in mind if you decide to go that route.

Consignment Shops

If you look carefully in your community or a community surrounding you, you might find a consignment shop near by.   Consignment shops allow you to drop off multiple items and they offer up to sell the items for you.   If they sell it, they take a cut and give you a cut of the cash.   It’s likely that you would be able to sell the item at a higher price, however it comes down to whether you have the time to sell the items in the first place.   If you don’t have the time to sell the items in the first place, this might be the option for you.

Yard Sales

The good ole fashion yard sale.   It seems every time I put forth the energy of a yard sale, I usually come out of it with $200 – $300 for a weekend worth of work.   I clear out space in my house, I get some cash for it and your customers are happier because of it.  A win win for everyone.

What other ways have you found to sell your stuff and make cash?

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