6 Ways to Earn some Extra Income on the Side


6 Ways to Earn some Extra Income on the Side

When we get into the regular income routine, the bills get paid, the groceries get bought and the savings account get its share, there isn’t always much left and that can get old pretty fast.   Am I right?  Well you have options here and you might not even realize that you can still make a little extra income on the side.  Here’s how you can do it.

Share your knowledge and help others

There are zillions or people and companies out there looking for help.   Whether they are looking for a virtual assistant or someone to help them with their web site, there are web sites out there that can help you connect with people who need help that are willing to pay you to do the work.   For example. Second Shift is a company that you can sign up to and create a profile.   They then attempt to connect you with companies looking to hire people on the side based on your skillset.   If you get matched up with the company, you agree to what they are looking to do and then go do the work and get paid!   It’s free to sign up so might as well give it a run.

HourlyNerd is another web site that connects you up with a potential of 25,000 business experts who are looking for help on a hourly basis.   Everyone has some type of knowledge that they can leverage.   It could be writing, it could be answering phones, it could be helping to build a web site, on and on.

Sell on Ebay or Craigslist

You have several options here.   If you look around your house long enough, I bet you will find some things that you could sell on ebay or even Craigslist.   It just takes a little bit of time to make the listing and sit back and wait for the sale to come in.

In addition to that and what a lot of people do is to become a middleman and drop ship items to customers.  Drop shipping is a concept where a company that has product in inventory allows someone like you to do the leg work in selling their product.  Once you sell their product, you get the money from the customer and tell that company to ship the product to the person that gave you money.   You have a generous markup on the product so you can get your share after you pay the company and the company sends the product directly to the customer.

In that regard, you never have to deal with the product at all.   You get find the customer and get the money and the other company does the rest of the work.   There are several companies to make note of here that you can leverage to help find these companies with product.   SaleHoo is an online directory of over 8000 of these companies that you can leverage to find products that you want to sell.   Worldwide Brands is another one you should check out if you are interested in drop shipping.

Your car can generate you cash

If you haven’t heard of this in the past, there has been a big movement over the last 5 – 10 years called the sharing economy.  This is where resources that exist are shared by those who need that resource and the cost is then distributed across those who actually use the resource.     Take AirBnb for example, I have a house or apartment but i’m not there all the time.   I can let others use my place and pay me a fee while i’m not using it.    The same thing goes for your car.   Turo and GetAround are web sites that you can use to essentially rent out your car while its not being used.  Check it out and see if it’s right for your situation.

The other option if you so choose is to take advantage of a company like Uber or Lyft.  These companies let you offer up rides in your car to other people.    If you sign up for Uber be sure to look out for driver invite codes that can get you a bonus.   Lyft will give you a $500 bonus if you sign up and give 100 rides in your first 30 days.

Mystery Shopping

I have done this numerous times while we were paying off our debt.   Companies want to get feedback on how they are servicing their customers.   They can only do this if you catch their personal off guard so what companies do is hire people like you to go into their business at a random time and see what the services an experience is like.   If it’s a restaurant, it might mean that you get your meal slashed or completely free.   If it’s an oil change, it might mean that this oil change is free.   If it’s just seeing what the experience is like, it might mean that you get a check sent to you with cash.

There are also survey companies that you can participate.  I spoke about one in the past called Swagbucks that you can get involved in surveys and I plan to write an article on all the others soon.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is huge these days.  Companies are constantly looking for new avenues to get new customers and they will pay you to send them their way.   You don’t need to be super technical, but you do need to hustle to get people’s attention.  This is how this works.   The company gives you a link that has a special code in the link.  You then take that link at shout it from the roof tops so to speak.  Every person that clicks through that link gets you credit for whatever the company has agreed to give you.  It could be cash, or it could be credit to their service.   For example, I got a free 1 year membership to Sam’s club one year for sending out a link on my facebook page where 3 of my friends signed up for a discounted membership to Sam’s club.  They got a deal and I got the membership for free.  We all win.     Share a Sale, Rakuten and Affilorama are 3 companies where you can make some extra money by helping them get new customers in the door.   But don’t stop there, even common companies like AirBNB offers a referral program.

Focus Groups

I love focus groups.  I just finished one recently where I received a whopping $500 for participating.   I couldn’t believe it.   Companies for a variety of reason what to get insights into your knowledge and they can only do that if they get your attention.  They usually get your attention by giving you money for your time.   This recent focus group that I participated in was fairly time consuming.  I would say it took around 5 hours of writing and responding through a online forum to get through it all, however the reward was $500, which if you break it down was $100 a hour of my free time.   Well worth it in my opinion.

If your interested in going this route, the a site called FindFocusGroups.com could help to get you started here.

What other cool and unique ways have you found to make a few extra dollars on the side?

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