11 Ways to Save Money This Month and Every Month


11 Ways to Save Money This Month and Every Month

Bring your lunch to work versus buying out every day

You can make a sandwich for a fraction (Couple Dollars) of what it costs to go out a grab lunch.   Even a Lean Cuisine meal will run you $3 – $4 versus the $10 – $12 that the run to Panera Bread or Chipolte could tax you with.   This also does not count the time and gas to run out to grab lunch.

Refinance your student loans and potentially receive a lower interest rate

I recommend taking a look at Credible to refinance your student loans and potentially receive a lower interest rate.     At the time of this writing the interest rates were as low as 2.37%.   If you are paying more than that, I highly recommend you take a look here.   If you sign up through this link you could be eligible to receive a $500 bonus.  It’s free to apply and see what your rate would be.

Move Money Automatically to Savings on a Regular Basis

This is more of a trick than anything else, but IT WORKS.   We have an account over at Capital One 360 which used to be ING Direct.   None the less, we have approximately 15 savings accounts setup where we move on a regular basis and automatically money from our checking that we have at our main bank to Capital One 360.   We set it and forget it so to speak.   So for example, we set aside a certain amount of money from every paycheck for Christmas.   We set this up years ago and twice a month Capital One reaches into our main checking account and pulls out a certain amount of money so that by the time Christmas comes around we have every bit of money needed to properly fund Christmas gifts for everyone.     You never realize that the money was pulled from your account because you have become used to it just not being there and by the time that the event comes where you have an influx of spending, the money is there waiting for you.

Capital One 360 gives you $25 for opening an account through this link.

Average Savings: Unlimited depending on your budget – We save $20,000 a year with this method alone


Purchase a water filter and carry a reusable water bottle

Buying water has become one of America’s greatest conveniences, however it has come with a cost both financially and environmentally.   Americans used about 50 billion plastic water bottles in 2016, according to Ban the Bottle.   Purchased Filtered water can become quite expensive especially if you are buying it on the go at a convenience store or gas station at $1 – $4 a pop.    Buying a filter for the home coupled with a reusable water container could save you a significant amount of money per year.

Average Savings: $100 – $200 per year


Use Credit Cards to get Rewards and Cash Back

Credit card companies are well known for having perks along with their credit card offers.   If you plan to make purchases anyways and are diligent about paying off the debt each month, then there is a wealth of offers out there to earn cash back and great rewards for spending on their cards.    If your interested, take a look at how we stayed at Walt Disney World for 10 nights completely free of charge.   That’s right, it cost us $0 to stay for 10 nights at one of the greatest places on earth using nothing but credit card rewards through Marriott.   We have taken in thousands of dollars over the years for taking advantage of perks with these companies.

Average Savings: $500 + per year – For us it was over $2000 in 2016


Quit Smoking

Not only will this save your life, but it will save your pocket book.    According to SmokeFree.org, someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day spends about $160 a week on cigarettes.  That’s $8,320 a year.   All of this money is essentially being burned and it all goes up in smoke.   Your essentially burning your money and at the same time ruining your health.   I had a really good friend that passed away at the age of 37 because of cancer.   She smoked from an early age through high school and unfortunately didn’t beat the odds.    Someone that was so alive with energy and drive, gone too soon from something that could have been preventable.   If you smoke, please consider stopping for you health and you will have the side affect of saving money.


Earn Gift Cards with Swagbucks

This is a fun little program to get involved where you get what’s called Swagbucks to participate in various tasks.   For example, they may ask you to take a survey or search for something on the internet or other random things.   It’s pretty easy to participate and earn Swagbucks that you can turn into gift cards and other rewards.

Get a special bonus for signing up using this link.


Earn Ebates on every day purchases

Take a look at my review on Ebates and signup to earn cash back on the purchases that you are already making today.


Eat out one less time a week or month

If you are like us and many other average american families, we eat out more than we would like to admit.   It’s more convenient that messing up your kitchen and the food is certainly better than what I can cook up in the kitchen.   However, restaurants are notorious for racking up the calories and the food is certainly more expensive than if it you made it in your own home.

If you go out to eat multiple times a week, try pairing back one time a week.   Or if you got out less, then try to pair back one less time a month.   Take that money you would have spent and put it aside and see how much money you could stack up.

One year our family collectively decided to transfer $10 every time our family would get water instead of pop when we went out to eat.   We left it up to our kids to decide.   Not only is it a healthier option, it also adds up over time.    We called it our water fund and everything from our water fund would be applied to our yearly family vacation.


Get rid of cable and save money

With Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and all the others, we are presented with an onslaught of TV shows.    We pay approximately $120 a month on our cable bill, which is $1440 EVERY YEAR!   Yet, we probably watch cable a few hours a week if we are lucky.   This is just our TV bill and does not include the high speed internet or phone.     If you still can’t get by without at least some type of local television, local channels still broadcast digitally so just get a digital antenna and you can still get your local channels.


Shop around for home and car insurance

If your like me, you just keep paying that quarterly or biannual insurance payment and keep chugging along.     You can shop this around and surprisingly save a bunch of money if you look in the right places, it just takes your time.    You can either call up several local insurance agencies or there are a number of insurance sites online that you submit your information once and multiple insurance agents will call you and work through a free quote over the phone to see what you might be able to save.

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