Do you really need a bigger house?


Do you really need a bigger house?

The Little House – 2002-2011 – 1068 Square Feet

This world has a way of conditioning you to think that you need more and you need bigger, but do you really?   When we first got married we rented for a year because it was the right thing to do.  Let’s get settled into our marriage, our jobs and decide after that where we want to live that makes sense for our jobs and for our future when having kids.   As soon as it was humanly possible to get out of that lease we were on the hunt to find our first home.   Hey why not, we were married, we had our first baby on the way and we needed that permanent place to settle down.

Fast forward a few years and a few kids later and we are busting at the seams in what seemed to be plenty of the room at the time, so what do we do like most Americans?   It’s time to trade in that first home for the second much larger home and here is how we justified it!   Over a period of 10 years in that first home, we grew out of it into not 1 but 2 10 x 10 storage units where we housed a bunch of our “stuff” that we clearly didn’t need.   This was costing us approximately $70 per month for each storage unit, so ultimately $140 a month to store stuff that we could not physically fit into our first tiny home.   200 square feet of space stacked floor to ceiling sat our stuff, covered in dust.

So we said geesh, we are spending $140 a month to store our stuff… why not spend that money plus the money we are spending on our home mortgage (which included PMI at the time) to fund the next big home so we don’t need those storage units?

The Big House – 2011 – Present – 3000 square feet

This was 2011…  Needless to say, we purchased our new big home and moved in clearing up those storage units.   Fast forward 5 years and after living in such a large 3000+ square foot house, I must tell you that it’s fairly overrated.   It’s a “grass is greener” type of thing after passing to the dark side so to speak.    Given our drive to become more minimalists, we ended up clearing out and donating a large percentage of those items that were in those storage units anyways.

With 3 kids in tow now, we now find ourselves having to clean at least 3 times the amount of space (6 bathrooms by the way) than we used to in our old home.   We pay 3 times the electric, gas and water bill too!   Don’t forget property taxes!  Yup 3 times that too!  3 times the lawn that needs mowed and maintained.  3 times the amount of fertilizer that needs to go on the lawn.   We probably had 12 lights in our entire first house top to bottom and our chandelier in the entrance of our new house probably has 12 lights in it just alone.     There are days where I dream about how easy that old house was to take care of.

Don’t get me wrong, the parties and company that we have over now is pretty amazing, but no one every informed us the amount of work that it takes to keep up a house that is 3 times the size of our previous house.

There are times when I start thinking seriously about going the completely opposite way and joining the tiny home movement.  I am thankful that we are in a great position to afford such a nice place to live, however let’s get to the moral of the story here.

So what’s the moral of the story here Drew?   

The moral of the story is this.   Don’t buy into peer pressure and the group think that you must have bigger because its just better.   Be happy with what you have because there are plenty of people in this world that don’t even have that.   Bigger is not always better and what you don’t want to have happen is to become a slave to your home and I’m not talking about being a maid I’m talking about this financially.   Your home is suppose to be your place to go to find a calm place to rest and if the walls around you break you down with piles of bills versus build you back up to fight the world, then it’s not serving it’s purpose.

My new dream home! – 150 square feet

I will mention it again, don’t let your home be a financial ball and chain that prevents you from exploring this world to its fullest.   Think about the amount of money you could have to do other things if you weren’t paying all that money to a mortgage.  Think about the experiences you could have if you weren’t paying all you extra income to that mortgage.    Travel the world, see and do new things.   That is what you are meant to do!

Now on to dreaming about my next house.  This little beauty is a total of 150 square feet large!

If that wasn’t enough, here is a list for you!

10 Reasons Why you don’t need a Bigger House

  • Bigger homes are more expensive to purchase
  • Bigger homes cost more in insurance
  • Bigger homes cost more in property taxes
  • Bigger homes demand a bigger gas bill to heat the home
  • Bigger homes demand a higher electric bill
  • Bigger homes generally have bigger yards (We had to buy a riding lawn mower)
  • Bigger homes sometimes cost more to maintain
  • Bigger homes could lead to hoarding more stuff that you don’t need
  • Bigger home require more cleaning, more dusting, more sweeping (We went from 1.5 bathrooms to 6 bathrooms, yikes!)
  • Bigger homes will cost you more in interest if you take out a mortgage over the life of the loan


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